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Interview with L~Lotus~
Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 12:30am in News

L~Lotus~ is a five-piece band comprising of three ex. as milk members – 蓮華 (Renka) on vocals, saki and Takayuki on guitars, masato on bass, and YUJI on drums. They officially began their activities on March 6th and have released three digital singles to date: 「worry」 on May 19th, 「snow」 on May 26th, and 「tree」 on June 2nd. The members of L~Lotus~ sat down with us to answer a couple of questions, so give it a read to get to know them better! We’d like to thank JapanFiles for giving us this opportunity!

To check out samples or to purchase L~Lotus~’s music, visit their page on JapanFiles.

1. Could each member please introduce themselves?
Renka the vocals, Takayuki the guitar, saki the guitar, Masato the bass, YUJI the drums.

2. Why did you decide to name your band L-Lotus-? What is the concept behind the band?
Lotus also means to cleanse. We named the band L-Lotus- because we wanted to make a band that could change emotions or mindsets by watching and listening to L-Lotus-.

3. How did you decide to work together?
It’s a result of searching for the ultimate performance level, creativity, and expressiveness.
I’ve always knew YUJI, and also his band as.milk, which recently stopped performing.
Our characters, flexibility, and performance level matched perfectly.
I thought “This is it!” when we played together for the first time.

4. How would each member define L-Lotus-‘s style of music?
Renka: There is no definition. Our music is just our music.
I could say that it expresses the intensity and calmness of our emotions.

saki: Evolution. The prologue is the style that emphasizes the punch at live concerts.

Masato: Love and harmony accomplished by sound.

Takayuki: A new rock style that we still have not fully discovered, a mixture of different genres.

YUJI: Rock.

5. You’ve released three consecutive digital singles. 「worry」 on May 19th, 「snow」 on May 26th, and 「tree」 on June 2nd. Could you tell us a little bit about each of the singles?
Renka: They express the current feeling of L-Lotus-.
“worry” is like our business card. It says “This is L-Lotus-.” I expressed my emotions very honestly. It might be a bit too dramatic. (laugh)
“snow” may sound crisp in the beginning, but the song is intense and the chorus is very honest. I think it’s a song that makes you feel comfortable when you’re listening to it. The melody is kind of sad, and it has the best guitar arrangement.
“tree” has a fantasy image in my opinion. It can expand a lot. The lyrics are pretty grandiose, too. I expressed a sad but strong emotion.

6. Which of the three singles is each member’s favorite and why?
Renka: “snow” for me. I like all of them, but I love the development of it. It’s also the song that gets the most smiles from the fans.

saki: “snow.” Takayuki’s riff is too cool.

Masato: “snow” because it’s symphonic metal.

Takayuki: “snow.” I like the melody, and the great guitar arrangement, as it was mentioned earlier. The part that sounds like the piano is actually the classic guitar, for example. The recording was memorable, too.

YUJI: “snow” because of the cool drums.

7. What can fans expect to see in the future from the band?

No matter how big the band becomes, we will always care about the fans.
We will become a band that fans will want to follow forever.

8. We’ve noticed that most of your live shows have been in the Tokyo area. Are you planning on performing other places this summer? Where would you like to perform next?

In the summer, we will have a live in Kobe.
There are no particular place we’d like to perform. Anywhere as long as we’re with our fans.
I want to perform many different places.

9. So that fans can get to know you a little better, how would you describe the other members of the band?

saki composes for L-Lotus-, and he always brings great music. I’ve known him for the longest. He’s like a big brother for me.
Takayuki owns amazing guitar techniques. His smile always relaxes me. (laugh)
Masato is a comedian. (laugh) I like people who laugh a lot. I learn a lot from him because he expresses his emotions well.
YUJI is a drummer who plays powerfully and in the way I like. He is straightforward, very honest, and I like him because of his big laughs. (laugh) Oh, I’m not gay. Don’t misunderstand it. (laugh)

Renka is the most steady guy.
saki is a relaxing funny character.
Masato is a trouble maker. I’ve known him for the longest.
YUJI is like the father in a family, the “go-to” guy.

Renka is gentle.
saki is somewhere in the middle of a genius and a weirdo.
Takayuki is my drinking buddy.
Masato is… Gundam.

Renka is a passionate vocalist with own beliefs. There won’t be L-Lotus- without him.
Takayuki can express himself through the guitar, and he’s the main guitarist of L-Lotus-.
The music saki creates is the treasure of L-Lotus-.
YUJI is my most-trusted partner who makes L-Lotus- music even better with his fantastic drumming.

Renka is a nice-looking guy.
Takayuki has a good taste.
Masato is serious.
YUJI is an evolving drummer.

10. Which music artists does each member enjoy listening to?

It’s hard to pick because I listen to any genre. As for specific bands, the first one was MALICE MIZER and now I listen to HIM and Bullet for my Valentine.

saki: I listen to the songs on the top 40.

Masato: Kiyoharu.

Takayuki: I like everything with cool guitar sounds regardless of genres. Recently, my favorite band is Divine Heresy.

YUJI: Rock.

11. What instrument do you play in the band now, and would you ever like to try playing a different instrument?

Renka: Now I’m the vocals, and I want to be the vocals always.

saki: Now I play the guitar. I will be a DJ in the future.

Masato: Now I play the bass. I’d like to try the piano.

Takayuki: I play the guitar now. I’m interested in other instruments, but I’m fully satisfied with the guitar for now.

YUJI: Drums. Nothing else.

12. What hobbies do you have outside of playing music?

Renka: Japanese calligraphy. Also, dancing.

saki: Pachinko-slots.

Masato: GUNDAM.

Takayuki: My mission is to find one.

YUJI: Fishing!

13. If you could travel anywhere overseas, where would you like to go?

Renka: I want to go to Venice.

saki: I want to go to the beaches in tropical countries.

Masato: Greece.

Takayuki: Europe is nice, like France and Italy. The food there looks good!

YUJI: The whole world.

14. Please leave a message for our readers!

To people who read this interview and who are interested in L-Lotus-, please try our music.

L-Lotus- just started. We will try to come up with different ideas, create better and new music, and have fun live performances. Please come to go wild with us!


01. worry


01. tree


01. snow

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