LIX. down three

LIX. down three
LIX. have announced that after their sponsored event on September 25th, vocalist Ryu, bassist Yasuhiro and drummer Sho will all be leaving the band.

Ryu posted the following announcement in his blog:

Thank you to everyone who came,
to everyone to performed, and to all the staff at Meguro Rock Maykan
for LIX.’s first sponsored event, 「Deadly Sanctuary」.

Also, we’re really sorry for confusing everyone with our unexpected announcement.

Just as it’s been written in the other member’s blogs, Ryu, Yasuhiro and Sho have decided to leave the band.

Honestly, I thought we’d post it in our blogs and on the official site to let everyone know after the live was over.

But, the day of the event I saw the flowers that everyone had sent us, and I felt that it was necessary to tell you all first hand, so I discussed it with he members and we decided to do that.

I can’t really give you any minor details at this time, but we’ll be making a more proper announcement at our event in Osaka, so please wait a bit.

What I can write for now, is that it’s not something like the members having a falling out. It’s something we thought about time and time again…

I’ll say it over and over, but I truly truly truly am grateful to all of those who came to 「Deadly Santuary」.

The last remaining member, Yuu, posted this announcement in his blog:

Without being completely sentimental, we have nothing to do but face forward.

No matter what happens, no matter how many friends or enemies you make or even if you’re all alone, you have to always rely on your own power.

September 25th will be the last live with the current members, however, we’ll show you the best that this band has been so far!

I’m sorry to those of you who came to our sponsored event and who are coming to the live on July 25th, but I guess the sponsored lives are already done…

I can’t do anything but face forward, so I can’t ask for any more for the band, and I’ve decided that I’m not going to reach the pinnacle of my career as a guitarist until the very end.

If you get what I’m saying, come to the live…

Source: Member’s Blogs


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13 Responses to LIX. down three

  1. MegZ


  2. Jess

    …damn…I was really hoping that wouldn’t happen, yet I was kind of expecting it at the same time, as all the good bands and bands with some pretty good potential, end up doing this…

  3. Momo

    …. God dammit.

  4. Riku

    No ._.

  5. Takemasa


    The Vocal?! This is like the worst that could happen to a Band if the vocal leaves…
    It of course is s*** that bassist and drummer will be also leaving… *sigh*

  6. Hitsu


    not only do I hate, when all other members leave one member alone, but I really liked them |: I feel sorry for poor Yuu~ “I’ve decided that I’m not going to reach the pinnacle of my career as a guitarist until the very end” :c I hope that doesnt mean something bad either

  7. pinkusupaida

    It sucks… it reaally sucks.
    They had so much potential. T_T

  8. Emily M.

    Fucking hell….. This really is starting to bother me


  9. Valerie

    Press on. All we can hope for is for Yuu to press on.

  10. Kiru

    Oh no… I really liked them, they had huge potential.
    I just hope they won’t leave the music scene…

  11. ...

    Yasuhiro was actually the second guitarist; their bassist is only support bassist for their lives. Anyway, I died when I saw this; it’s one thing if instrumentalists leave as long as someone as good or better than them takes their place, but, as TAKEMASA said, when the VOCALIST leaves?! Finding a new vocalist won’t be a problem, but getting fans to get over themselves and accept the new vocalist will be rather difficult.

  12. key

    I was there when Ryu announced it…
    They came out for the encore and looked at the crowd, suddenly he looked at the others and began to speak and to cry. everyone was shocked. When he tried to sing after announcing it, he had to stop, his voice still full of tears. Yasuhiro came to him and put his hand on his shoulder, trying to support him.

    • ...

      That just makes you want to know what exactly happened all the more. @_@

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