Anli Pollicino’s new album

Anli Pollicino's new album
Anli Pollicino will be releasing a new album this summer!

Their new release, “TRANCEFORMER”, will be out on August 15th in two types. Both types cost 1980 yen, but the first press edition comes with an extra two bonus tracks, wherea the regular edition comes with only one.

Both copies are available for pre-ordering on CDJapan, but if you want the first press copy, hurry as copies are selling out fast!

TRANCEFORMER First Press EditionPre-Order Now!
TRANCEFORMER Regular Press EditionPre-Order Now!

CD Tracklist
01. Labyrinth
02. Taste Me
03. Game of Love
04. 「S」adistic 「M」ania
05. L’etoile Filante
06. Malignant Narcissism
07. Dear
08. You Spin Me Round (LIKE A RECORD)
09. 寸劇Raspberry (Sungeki Raspberry)
10. Slave Machine
11. Devilish Eyes
13. Snow Venus

First Press Edition Bonus Tracks
・「S」adistic 「M」ania(TRANCEFORMER MIX)
・Game of Love (dragonfly remix)

Regular Edition Bonus Track
・You Spin Me Round (LIKE A RECORD) (dragonfly remix)

Source: Brand-x, CDJapan

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