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Royz Welcomes Rey
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Royz Welcomes Rey
Rey (left) and Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @VisualJrockJpop

Royz’s new support guitarist Rey (left) and drummer Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @VisualJrockJpop

Thanks to reader xHime for tipping us off to this news! Royz recently parted ways with guitarist Kazuki in what seemed to be a heartbreaking decision. But not too long after, at the precipice of their summer oneman tour CRISIS CORE, Royz already announced they had found a new guitarist – guitarist Kuina‘s former bandmate, Rey.

Support guitarist Rey is best known as part of Lilt, who disbanded in late 2012. However, prior to Lilt, he was in a short-lived group named Celestial Garden with none other than Royz’s Kuina – whose official Ameblog still harkens back to his former band. “Long ago,” by his own assessment, Rey also performed in session bands with vocalist Subaru. But Kuina and Rey, especially, seem to have a long-standing relationship built on mutual struggles, and Kuina vocally thinks highly of Rey, who, he admits in the June 30th blog post translated by’s own Shannon, was the only person he imagined could even temporarily fill this role.

Concerning the CORE tour beginning on 7/3

Rey will be joining us as a support member starting from our nationwide tour.

When we considered who to bring on as support, we decided it could only be Rey, one of my former bandmates.

At one time, [we] tasted the same setbacks[:] It was a relationship based on shared departures, disbandments, the same hardships. And yet he was another with the same aspirations.

When we asked him to be our support member,
even though we told him it would be difficult given the circumstances, he decided that he would do it for us.

As Royz’s guitarist, Rey was the only person with whom I felt I could stand together on stage and play twin guitars, even if only as support.

After expressing [my thoughts] to the other members of Royz, we thought and thought until we reached this decision.

For the next step,
and for the steps we’ll take after that,
we’ll keep moving forward,
so please continue supporting us!


Oh, by the way, he’ll be playing all of the guitar solos!

Since he’s assuming the role, it wouldn’t make sense not to assume all of [the responsibilities]!

2014-06-30 04:39:28

Translated by Shannon

Not long after Kuina made his blog announcement, Rey took to his own blog – the same jarringly vibrant Ameblog he’s used since his Lilt days – and issued his own statement on the decision. In his July 1st blog entry, translated below, he spoke candidly of his fears but admitted that he felt an obligation to his Osaka brethren in their time of need. He reminisced on how he believed in Subaru from early on and how Kuina got him involved in visual kei and pushed him to improve. He also revealed his appreciation for Koudai‘s outreach, his respect for Tomoya‘s leadership, and his appreciation for even former guitarist Kazuki‘s support.

I will be support [guitarist] for Royz

I’ll be a support guitarist on Royz’s tour starting July 3rd.

Royz’s tunes will be difficult to reproduce with just one guitar, but
As a fellow Osaka native, I want to help them with all my strength during these hard times.

A long time ago, I think I played in session bands with Subaru,
and I believe he’s an outstanding vocalist and leader.
When I became a support member, he said “Tell me if you’re worried about anything at all!”
He’s truly someone that I can trust.

As for Kuina, he’s a friend from the very first “visual kei” band I was in.
It feels as if I learned all the basics of the visual kei world from him.
I’d often hear [from him] that I wasn’t that great at guitar,
But I’d always think “What are you talking about?! I’m going to be amazing, jerk!” ( ゜д ゜)
As a testament to that, I’ve been given charge of all guitar solos.

He was the one who chose me to become a support member,
So I’m going to work hard to prove him right.

Koudai is the one most concerned about me.
He was the very first one to reach out and consult with me,
And in so far as I was anxious about being switched from rhythm guitar [to lead],
I strongly want to support him properly.

When he sent me nearly 60 songs and told me, “It’s okay, you don’t have to remember them all right away!”
I thought “Is he forreeeeaaallll?! I don’t have tiiiiime!!” (;; ゜;д ゜;) haha

I’m waiting for a sign that Tomoya wants to be my friend. Haha
Even if we miss the last train after finishing up in the studio,
He goes out of his way to drive us each home;
And he supervises all of Royz’s songwriting, so I think he’s the most reliable member.
But it’s nice to be the one who gets to sit back!

As for Kazuki, we’d talk about guitars during events we both played at.
He gave me some advice about being a support member,
And even lent me some equipment.
He also told me that I could arrange it however I wanted,
But in order to keep as true to his imagined worldview as I can,
He’s let me take [his world] over as-is.

This is getting long, but

Even if I have to cast everything aside,
I want to support these great band members that have gathered in Royz.

They’re not that kind of band that you think they are.

I personally think they’re a band that should be valued a lot more.

And to everyone who sent me messages of support,

Thank you so much!

On this CORE tour,

Let’s make some awesome memories with Royz!

In my impatience

I get the feeling

I’ve memorized

The new album songs

Faster than

The band members. (;; ゜;д ゜;)haha

2014-07-01 01:27:24

Translated by Shannon

If you want to catch Rey with Royz, he’ll be performing with the band for at the least the duration of the CRISIS CORE tour. You can also follow him on his own Twitter @gorillapapa1225 or his Ameblog.


July 3 (THU) Shinjuku BLAZE ~Koudai’s Birthday Celebration~
July 5 (SAT) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’ ~Kuina’s Birthday Celebration~
July 6 (SUN) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
July 12 (SAT) Hamamatsu FORCE
July 13 (SUN) Nagoya BOTTOM LINE

July 23 (WED) Okayama IMAGE
July 25 (FRI) Hiroshima Cave-Be
July 26 (SAT) Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V-2
July 27 (SUN) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
July 31 (THU) Matsuyama Salon Kitty

August 2 (SAT) Takamatsu DIME
August 5 (TUE) Kanazawa AZ
August 10 (SUN) Sendai darwin
August 12 (TUE) Aomori Quarter
August 16 (SAT) Sapporo cube garden
August 17 (SUN) Sapporo cube garden
August 23 (SAT) Kashiwa PALOOZA
August 24 (SUN) Mito LIGHTHOUSE
August 30 (SAT) HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2
August 31 (SUN) Takasaki clubFLEEZ

September 3 (WED) Kobe VARIT.
September 6 (SAT) Osaka BIG CAT
September 7 (SUN) Kyoto MUSE

Tour Final
September 13 (SAT) Shibuya Koukaidou

Details, including ticketing and start times, available at Royz homepage.

Rey appears to be a hardworking and eager addition to Royz, and with his established relationship with most members of the band, there’s reason to believe we’ll be seeing him for quite some time.

Source: Royz OHP, Kuina Official Ameblog, Rey Official Ameblog

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Royz Welcomes Rey Reviewed by on . [caption id="attachment_62188" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Royz's new support guitarist Rey (left) and drummer Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @Vi [caption id="attachment_62188" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Royz's new support guitarist Rey (left) and drummer Tomoya on July 5th, 2014. Image courtesy @Vi Rating:
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