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Halsion Announces Disbandment, Cancels Upcoming Mini-Album
Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 1:09am in Disbandments, One-mans

Halsion Announces Disbandment, Cancels Upcoming Mini-Album


It seems that Shattered Tranquility has been the bringer of bad news for many long-standing bands (and their dedicated fans) this year, and today we unfortunately must add another band to the growing list.

Last week, Halsion announced on their OHP that after their One-Man on September 11th at Sapporo KRAPS Hall, the place of the band’s birth, that they will be disbanding. This also came with another somber announcement– Part 2 of their Conceptual Album “THE ATTITUDE OF THE DEVIL” will be canceled.

S-T’s Luna has translated the band’s message, as well as the personal comments by each member. You can read it below.


It’s thanks to all of the fans that have supported Halsion through its trials and tribulations since its formation in April of 2009 that we have been able to face those conflicts and live the life we do today.

Even though our wish of making it all the way to Tokyo came true in May of 2012, our problems continued to increase.
All of the members talked it over countless of times, and came to the conclusion that we can no longer continue as Halsion due to differences in our personal objectives.
And thus, Halsion cannot continue as Halsion if it’s not with these four members.

At Sapporo KRAPS HALL–the venue that always marked Halsion’s most critical performances, including our first live performance–after performing our last one-man show on the 11th of September 2013, Halsion will be disbanding.

Throughout these last four years the reason why we were able to continue as Halsion was because we had all of you cheering us on.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


All of the people I’ve met, all of the things I’ve experienced, everything is a precious treasure to me.

You will never know how many times my heart was saved by you guys and by music.

We laughed countless of times, and cried countless of times, huh?

We loved, loved each other, then we worried, then we hated each other, and then we loved each other all over again.

Even if Halsion ceases to exist, I pray that the music and the memories it leaves behind continue for eternity.

I don’t have the right words to express this right now, but thank you very much.


From when our break up being decided, to what I’m writing here now.
I thought about the words I should use to convey this message to everyone,
but right now I don’t really know what to say.

These past four years pouring all of our passion into this have been distressful,
but we kept running with it anyway.

We don’t regret the conclusion all four of us came to.

We’re so sorry for falling short of all the expectations that our dear fans had for us.

What these past four years mean personally to me.
Many things happened,
but I will treasure all of the time I spent with all of you,
and will continue moving forward.

Thank you so much for everything up till now.


Since I joined Halsion in November of 2011, I’ve experienced many things and was able to continue my career thanks for all of the support from the fans.
However, because we are separated by differences in our musical perspectives, it’s become difficult to continue as the four of us together.
We’re very sorry to make this inconsiderate announcement so suddenly…
Finally, to all of those we met through Halsion, and to the fans who always supported us, thank you very much.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart…


I thought really hard about what to say at a time like this, and it took a pretty long time.
Trying to find some comforting words to write got me nowhere, so I’ll just write this in my own way.

I’m sure we all have our own different opinions about this because even I do, but if we sum up all the bad times and good times spent these last four years, I guess I can say that I was happy.

Because it was an experience that definitely doesn’t happen in regular everyday life.

There’s a pile of annoying things that happened, isn’t there?
But even if those were reduced a bit so that we could go after the one goal we had, then I’m content.
We have a performance next week, so we should get over all of this unpleasant stuff and just have fun.

I’ve always thought that my mission was more than just entertainment, and I still think that.

We only have 3 shows left, but please enjoy them.

Because I’ll enjoy them too.

I won’t say my final thank yous just yet.


*We’re sorry to inform that the Conseptual Mini Album Part 2 “THE ATTITUDE OF DEVIL-SUCCUBUS-” previously scheduled for release will be postponed indefinitely.

Even though there is little time left for the band, there are a few chances left for you to catch them! In addition to their final One Man in Sapporo, there are two final performances planned in Tokyo.

7/24 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
シリアル⇔NUMBER presents
memorial day
ACT: Serial Number, Hyper Pocket, Theia, Halsion
Time: 16:00/16:30
Ticket: 3500/4000

8/20 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
Act: Thomas, Liv’ert, XIBALBA/Vanish/Signal/Downer/Men’s Spider Band/Halsion
Time: 16:00/16:30
Ticket 3000/3500

9/11 @ Sapporo KRAPS Hall
Time: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: 3000/3500

Source: OHP

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Halsion Announces Disbandment, Cancels Upcoming Mini-Album Reviewed by on . It seems that Shattered Tranquility has been the bringer of bad news for many long-standing bands (and their dedicated fans) this year, and today we unfortunate It seems that Shattered Tranquility has been the bringer of bad news for many long-standing bands (and their dedicated fans) this year, and today we unfortunate Rating:
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