Versailles’ Announcement Update

Versailles' Announcement Update
As we posted earlier this morning, Versailles has announced that they will be stopping activities at the end of the year.

Many fans have realized that the message went up and down on the official site numerous times, and it seems that the it was originally made to come out tomorrow. Rumours say a hacker interfered with the band’s site, also posting a video and tour dates of a completely different artist.

The same announcement is now posted on their official site. Some fans have pointed out that in the original Japanese announcement they have used 「休止」 regarding their activities and that the English reads ‘activity stop’. Please note that along with meaning rest, 「休止」 can also mean stop, and as the English announcement posted earlier is directly from the band’s site, we can only assume that the translation is correct unless it’s clearly confirmed otherwise.

Along with the announcement to end their activities, Versailles have announced both a final tour, and album.

The third album, which titled 「Versailles, will come out on September 26th in two types. A first press edition that contains a CD and DVD for 3600 yen, and a regular edition (CD only) for 3159 yen. More details on that as they are released.

Both versions are already available on CDJapan for pre-ordering, so reserve your copy now!
First Press Edition
Regular Edition

Their final tour will be called “Chateau de Versailles” and it kicks off on November 11th.

November 1st @ Yokohama SUNPHONIX HALL in YOKOHAMA ARENA
November 4th @ Hakata DRUM Be-1
November 7th @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
November 9th @ Nagoya ELL
November 17th @ Niigata Live Hall GOLDEN PIGS
November 19th @ Sendai darwin
November 21st @ Sapporo cube garden
November 28th @ Osaka umeda AKASO

Versailles TOUR 2012 “Chateau de Versailles” FINAL
December 20th @ Tokyo NHK Hall

Tickets to the shows in November all cost 4800 yen, and the tour final is 5,555 yen. Livehouse ticket sales start on October 6th, and the NHK Hall tickets will be available starting on November 4th.

Source: OHP

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33 Responses to Versailles’ Announcement Update

  1. Dominika

    I’m lost right now, so it’s disbandment, or they’ll be on hiatus?? O.O

    • Adrienne

      They’re stopping activities, and there’s no words or promise of them returning. Personally, I would take it as a disbandment.

  2. the gazette fan

    oh please don’t disband

  3. Maddie

    I don’t know what to do, this has been my favorite band for 3 years, I hope they’ll come to Europe and do a last tour here! :(

  4. Anna

    People keep saying this is an hiatus, but it really doesn’t seem like that to me. “Stopping activities” doesn’t really sound like a hiatus, and why would they make a farewell album if they’ll come back sooner or later? Doesn’t really make sense.

    • Adrienne

      I agree with this completely. To be honest, I think fans just want something to be hopeful for.

  5. LDarkmoon

    The various street teams received confirmation from Versailles management that it’s a hiatus, not a disbandment.

    • Adrienne

      Can we have proof of these confirmations?

      • LDarkmoon

        The USA Street Team posted it on their blog and twitter.

        The Indonesian community posted it on their twitter.

        Those are only a couple, I don’t follow every street team. @Mayumi424 tweeted that an email had been sent to the street teams, but that tweet looks to have been deleted once the teams confirmed they received the email.

        • Adrienne

          Sorry, but word of mouth isn’t an actual confirmation. We need proof as in photos or copy and pastes from the actual emails from the management. Word from an official source. It’d be nice to have the confusion cleared up, but as I said, on their site it says right now “stopping activities” which just a little ambiguous. Hopefully the members will post comments that will ease everyone’s minds!

          • LDarkmoon

            Hopefully the band will make their own statement about it. So far, the only “confirmation” is from Mayumi and held by the street teams. It would be nice if Mayumi posted something publicly, since she is Versailles’ manager, but she may be waiting for the band. Maybe they’re waiting for the 20th, since that’s when the announcement was supposed to be made. I guess all we can do is wait for the band to say something. ^^

            • Adrienne

              Yeah, hopefully everything will be cleared up soon! We’ll keep checking up on their OHP and the member’s blogs / Twitter accounts for any updates.

  6. VersaillesLithuania

    Hello . I want to make this mess clearier . It’s just some things which messing up japanese version with english . I translated japanese version and if you like you can post it , to make all fans calmed :)

    • Adrienne

      To be honest, regardless, it says they’re not going to be doing activities, which is all that’s been announced at this point. The staff at speak Japanese as well, and a different take on the translation doesn’t change the announcement.

  7. rokusomething

    It’s a private matter, but as a fan who has bought all of their albums, I wish I could get a more in-depth reason as to why Versailles is calling it quits. I may be an over entitled fan, but it would be nice to have some closure as this happens far too often in VK and with the most simple and formal of notices. My only assumption is that record sales were sluggish.

    I hope that this change will enable the band members to have some new projects to work on. I was more than please with Versailles when Lareine ended.

    Regardless, I’m very surprised that this is happening. With Rose releasing and the NHK World appearance, it felt like they were unstoppable. So much momentum and now this. VK bands come and go. VK bands have such a short lifespan and considering how enjoyable Versailles was, this was an especially short one.

  8. ryuunekko

    i’m part of the street team in our country. the e-mail sent to our officials was actually the same announcement that got leaked [possibly, the management wanted to inform the street team leads first before posting the announcement on the sites for everyone to see]. she posted it in our street team private forum. i think everyone is assuming that this is a hiatus. i’m going to ask if mayumi kojima actually told them that it’s a hiatus.

    • Adrienne

      Thanks for the clarification! If there is real proof that she specifically said hiatus, then we’d be more than happy to show that. But if it’s the same thing, an “activity stop”, we can only assume it means just that.

  9. ryuunekko

    they’re pretty much pointing to this : and this i think the admins of these street teams clarified it with mayumi.

    i hope mayumi just cleared it out on her own twitter account for everyone to see.

    • Adrienne

      I see. Which means there is no actual proof except word of mouth.

  10. johnesh

    I can’t believe people are still calling this a “hiatus”.
    “Versailles has decided to stop all activities… The band will release their farewell album… Versailles will have their grand finale… show your support to Versailles and their final journey.”
    It’s clearly a disbandment, not a hiatus.

  11. Cloudie

    The problem is that people say that the manager confirmed by twitter that it was a hiatus and not a disbanding.
    At the same time, the message of the official website is not very clear…

    Some people say it is a disbanding and others (newsletter from cdjapan) say it is a hiatus….

    So, at the end, we still don’t know because everyone say different things…

  12. ryuunekko

    i’ve read their translated messages from the official FC. and also hizaki’s message over at twitter. doesn’t sound like a hiatus to me tbh. they’re saying their goodbyes.

  13. Cloudie

    Hizaki’s tweet, this one: そして、いつの日か薔薇の花びらが集まる時もあるかもしれません。その時には、皆さんの力添えを頂けたら有り難いです。
    “And, maybe some day the rose petals might assemble again. At that time we’ll be grateful to recieve everyone’s support”

    This seems more a hiatus than the official FC message…
    So, I would say, we are still at the same point xd

  14. LDarkmoon

    Yuki has a new blog post. Here’s part of it, “This hiatus is for focusing on each member’s own
    musicability that we will definitely bring all our new inputs to
    Versailles when we are ready to be back together.”
    It can be seen here.

    • LDarkmoon

      Also just noticed that Masashi’s blog has the same post. I imagine Teru’s will be updated as well.

    • Adrienne

      Where on earth is that in YUKi’s post? This is all the Japanese I find on his: Versaillesはメンバーそれぞれが全力で頑張り、素晴らしいバンドに育ったと思います。
      And NONE of that says that.

      • LDarkmoon

        The post is Japanese, then English, then the album and tour info. Here’s everything, but the album and tour info.







        Notification of hiatus from Versailles

        Dear our loyal fans and supporters in the world,

        Versailles is going to take a hiatus at the end of 2012. In the 5th
        anniversary year for us, we have kept seeking for our new musical
        direction to enter a higher stage of Versailles. During that process
        of discovering a new musical direction, we felt strong need and desire
        to step outside of the band to inspire each of us to be a better
        musician. This hiatus is for focusing on each member’s own
        musicability that we will definitely bring all our new inputs to
        Versailles when we are ready to be back together.

        Since the beginning of the band, our main theme has always been ROSE.
        With all the stories we have told in our music for the past 5 years,
        we have gotten to the point where our 5th anniversary song “ROSE”
        represents what ROSE really means to Versailles. That also determined
        our hiatus to breathe in the fresh air outside the band.

        Our new album is to be released in September and the last Japan tour
        before our hiatus follows, which ends at NHK Hall in Tokyo on December
        20, 2012.

        We are incredibly grateful for your endless support for all those
        years. And we appreciate your continuous support and love for
        Versailles and future activities of each member. Thank you!! WE’RE

        July 20th, 2012

        YMN corporation

        • Adrienne

          Um, the first part is exactly the same as what’s posted on the OHP. It’s nothing new. I think someone just wants to hear a different take on the translation.

      • LDarkmoon

        There is also his personal message, which you posted. It looks like they re-translated the original message that was posted on the 19th, but the ones on Yuki and Masashi’s blog are different from the one on the homepage.

        • Adrienne

          They did! That is much better news, and much more of a confirmation.

          • LDarkmoon

            It also sounds less confusing than the original. Hizaki posted a few tweets, but nothing from Teru or Kamijo yet (except what is on the Fan Club site).

            • Adrienne

              I’m working on Hizaki’s now, and will keep an eye out for what TERU and KAMIJO have to say.

              • LDarkmoon

                Thank you very much for your hard work!

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