lynch. goes major

lynch. goes major
Amazing news for all lynch. fans! It seems that the band has decided to go major and in order to celebrate that fact, they’ll hold a last indies oneman tour and release their last indies single in autumn.

There are unfortunately no details about the single yet, but there are already dates available of the oneman tour. It will be entitled 『THE JUDGEMENT DAYS』 and what is more – DEATHGAZE will be an opening act, so that’s a treat for the both bands’ fans.

Anyway, the dates and venues are:

September 19th @ Matsusaka M’AXA
September 20th @ Toyohashi ell.KNOT
September 25th @ HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
September 26th @ Mito LIGHT HOUSE
September 28th @ HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2
September 29th @ Kooriyama #9
October 1st @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
October 2nd @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
October 6th @ Hakodate club COCOA
October 8th @ Aomori Quarter
October 9th @ Akita LIVESPOT2000
October 11th @ Sendai HOOK
October 14th @ Niigata CLUB JUNK BOX
October 16th @ Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
October 17th @ Kanazawa AZ
October 23th @ Hamamatsu Madowaku
October 24th @ Kyoto MUSE
October 29th @ Kobe WYNTERLAND
October 31st @ Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
November 1st @ Yonago AZTIC laughs
November 3rd @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
November 4th @ Nagasaki DRUM Be-7
November 6th @ Kumamoto DRUM Be-9
November 7th @ Kagoshima SR Hall
November 9th @ Ooita T.O.P.S
November 11th @ Kouchi X-pt.
November 13th @ Matsuyama SALON KITTY
November 14th @ Takamatsu DIME
November 20th @ Okayama IMAGE
November 1st @ OSAKA MUSE
November 23th @ Nara NEVER LAND
December 19th @ Shibuya O-EAST [Tour finale]

The tickets will cost 3500 yen a piece.

Source: OHP


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9 Responses to lynch. goes major

  1. Blade

    Wow, good for them. I wasn’t expecting this though. Hope they’ll keep their sound or make it better.

  2. keri

    Congratulations to them!! I wonder who they are going major with? But man! They are going to be so busy, all those tour dates! It’s crazy! O__o

    The dynamic between them and Deathgaze though… I hope everything turns out the best for the both of them!

  3. Emily M.

    Fuck yea! :D This is going to be exciting!

    Good luck to them!

  4. johnesh

    Finally some good news in amongst all these deaths and disbandings.

    • UchihaNoChikara

      My thoughts exactly.

  5. REI

    Yay! I can’t wait ;D

  6. Lady Caos

    Congrats to the guys! They’re so awesome, I knew it was only a matter of time ;)

  7. Hitsu

    A band like lynch are so strong and unique, going major wont change them atall, Im sure they’ll just keep getting better and better! and I hope this will lead to them touring europe one day~ <3 Im really proud of them ;u; its what they deserve

    now deathgaze need the same recognition for being an incredible band too~ |D Im sure Ai will enjoy all this time to fanboy over Hazuki ww

  8. aya

    This is sweet, and totally deserved. It makes sense considering the style of music they play and the well received reception of American bands in Japan ~

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