ViViD x Dragon Nest

ViViD x Dragon Nest
In June, ViViD released their first album, “INFINITY”. They’ve now announced that the song, “live your life”, which was released on the album, is being used in the commercial for the online game, “Dragon Nest”.

“live your life” was chosen as he song for the commercial because it’s positive lyrics and feeling well represents the players of “Dragon Nest”.

Along with their song being used, ViViD have collaborated with Dragon Nest to make a special site which includes video of the commercial, a comment from the band, and talks about Dragon Nest from ViViD members IV and Ko-ki who tried out and enjoyed the game.

To take a look, visit ViViD x Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest is a 3D fantasy, action RPG. For more information on the game, or to try it out, check out Dragon Nest’s Beginner’s Site.



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