Poltergeist’s first DVD release

Poltergeist's first DVD release
ポルターガイスト (Poltergeist) have announced the release of their very first DVD this coming August!

The title is 「騒霊陥落骸蓄画盤」 (Sourei Kanraku Ga Ichiku Gaban), and it will come out on August 8th for 3990 yen. The DVD features a total of 16 tracks.

DVD Tracklist
01. ダンシングキラー  (Dancing Killer)
03. 闇ノ雲 (Yami no Kumo)
04. HOLiC
05. Inferior Memories 
07. Selfish Soluton
08. Glider 
10. 自○部屋 (Ji○ Heya)
11. hands 
12. White World
13. ネクストダイバー  (Next Diver)
14. 帰りたい、戻れない (Kaeritai, Modorenai)
15. 闇ノ雲 (Yami no Kumo)
16. 自○部屋 (Ji○ Heya)

Whether or not this exact footage will be on the DVD, here’s a little sampling for those who haven’t checked it out of Poltergeist performing 自○部屋 (Ji○ Heya) live.

Poltergeist have also announced that on December 25th at Shibuya O-WEST, they’ll be having their fourth oneman live! Details to be released at a later date.

Source: Brand-x, OHP

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  1. Kiru

    Great news, I love this band! I hope I can see them live one day ^___^

  2. DKjapanesefreak

    Amazing, their first album was pretty cool! Didn’t know they did this well, it’s so awesome!

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