Good news from Kentz

Good news from Kentz
Back in February, we talked about Kentz, known best as the drummer for「あゃ」 (Aya), retiring from the scene and performing two last lives. We then also updated with his last live message.

Kentz’s reason for leaving the stage was due to being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Thanks to M for the heads up on this, but Kentz has updated his blog with some great news!

Important News

I was told I had only three months left to live, but my life expectancy has been made so much longer, exceeding past that.

I think it’s because of everyone’s support.

That’s why because of everyone’s help, today I have some very important news to tell you.

I got my test results back yesterday and…

My cancer has almost gone into remission.

The PET scan results showed that the cancer had cleared with medicine. There are still bits here and there, but it’s clear for the most part. The doctors are looking to get rid the rest of the cancer with an operation.

I’m saved!

The fear of getting old, where your strength starts to fade and you can’t do your job anymore, I won’t be worried about needing help in life from now on.

Until I die I’ll keep living my life. And I’ll keep living for today.

Ah, thanks to everyone I can now pick my life back up now.

I will keep trying my best to get better.

Well, that’s it for now.



Translation by’s vii-vii.

Source: Kentz’s Blog

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5 Responses to Good news from Kentz

  1. bella

    amazing to here
    i can only try to imagine his relieve and that of his family/friends

  2. xVarisx

    I’m really happy for him, his family and his friends. My dad has cancer it’s wonderful to hear something like that for me. I hope the following course of disease will be good. ‘Wish him the best, and enough strength to defeat the illness.

  3. Kaz

    This is just amazing!

  4. Sachiko

    That’s fantastic news! I’m so happy for him

  5. Kiru

    This is so awesome. I’m so glad for him. I hope he recovers well.

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