Nico Nico Nama Weekly — July 16-21 2012

Nico Nico Nama Weekly -- July 16-21 2012
ニコニコ生 [nico nico nama] hosts many online live broadcasts every day. These are the shows featuring visual kei artists in the week of July 16, 2012.

Name:  stylish wave circuit ’12 夏の陣 独占生中継 (Natsu no Jin exclusive coverage)
Date: 7/15
Start: 17:00 JST
Stage Appearances: ZUCK, Moran, DIAURA, Crazy★shampoo, Black Gene For the Next Scene,
Guest: Kra
Broadcast page: here

Name: ぶぃおん!!!(V-on!!!)
Date: 7/16
Start: 20:00 JST
Guests: SCREW (Byo, Rui), Lolita-23q (Ryuto, Ryosuke), Baddies (Minemura)
Broadcast page: here

Name: 月刊ゴールデンボンバー (gekkan GOLDEN BOMBER)
Date: 7/17
Start: 24:00 JST
Guests: Golden Bomber
Broadcast page: here

Name: 西川貴教のイエノミ!!  ~第二十一夜~ (Nishikawa Takanori no ienomi!! ~ dai nijuuichi ya~)
Date: 7/19
Start: 23:00 JST
Guests: Sonar Pocket
Broadcast page: here

Name: cali≠gari 厳選LIVE映像一挙放送!
Date: 7/19
Start: 21:00
Guests: cali≠gari (past live videos)
Broadcast page: here

Name: ただいま、cali≠gari!濃いのガリ騒ぎ (Tadaima, cali≠gari! Koi no gara sawagi)
Date: 7/19
Start: 21:00
Guests: cali≠gari
Broadcast page: here

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