New band – Rosalie

New band - Rosalie
Rosalie is a new band, which has formed in May this year in Nagoya, but started their live activities in June. The band line-up consists of:

Vocal: (Sou)
Guitar: 霧那 (Kirina)
Support Drums: (Kaede)

Furthermore, he band’s official blog is located here, in case you’re interested.

On July 17th they’re planning to start giving out their 1st single, entitled 「-Re:boot-」. It will be available to get at their lives and in some Indies CD Shops! However, it will be limited to 500 copies only.

To commemorate the single’s release, they will have a tour called evil 「PLAN√R」. The dates and venues are as follows:

July 17th @ Nagasaki DRUM Be-7
July 18th @ Kumamoto DRUM Be-9
July 19th @ Hakata DRUM LOGOS
July 21st @ Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION

The rest of their live schedule is:

July 30th @ Nagoya MUSIC FARM
August 12th @ Club ALIVE!
August 13th @ Club ALIVE!
August 27th @ Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
August 29th @ Okayama IMAGE
September 13th @ Urawa Narciss
September 16th @ HOLIDAY NAGOYA
September 18th @ Imabari Jam SOUNDS

Finally, you can listen to one song called 「時の引き金」(Toki no Hikigane) on the band’s official MySpace! Let us know what you think about their sound.

Source: Visunavi, OHP


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6 Responses to New band – Rosalie

  1. Seraphim

    They didn’t sound too bad.

  2. demonic

    Their logo is the same font as Sadie’s

  3. mikufanatic

    Their logo has Sadie’s logo’s text. xD

  4. Momo

    They look really cool, I’ll give them a try.^^

  5. Kiru

    I really like their song on Myspace! Looking forward to any releases =)
    (And their look isn’t too bad either.)

  6. Jazz

    Their official myspace link for those interested:

    The link was on their OHP so I thought I’d post it up :)

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