First singles for Elm !

First singles for Elm !
Yes ! Finally ! They made us wait quite a long time right ? Even if they gave us some video samples on Youtube, that just made me drool even more ! But after quite a long time, エルム (Elm) will finally its first singles ! SingleS ? Yes, it will be a two-months consecutive release. Those two live-limited (sigh) singles will be released in August in September. It will probably be hard to get if you’re not in Japan, but there’s always a chance to buy it, somehow !

Other than that, the band will also be part of a 3-man live called 「The 3rd impact」,  along with NaiL and エゴis≒徒(egoist) at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on August 19th.

Sources : Trombe, Official Blog

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  1. Kiri

    Yay for singles!!! But boo to lives. :( If only I was in Japan.

  2. Ryouga

    yeah as you said “finally!” i’m really waiting for these first singles too :)

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