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GALEYD’s Comments on Meku’s Departure
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GALEYD's Comments on Meku's Departure


Earlier today, we announced that Meku of GALEYD would be departing on August 23rd, after their live at Osaka Ruido. Our translators have worked tirelessly to bring you the translations of the band’s announcement, as well as the personal responses from the entire band. Below is the comments in their entirety. Sincere thanks goes to Ku and Elena.


Notice of Meku’s withdrawal

Since forming in January 2012, GALEYD has continued activities with four members – Garo (vo), Meku (g), Toki (b), and Nikky (dr). However, we are officially announcing that after completing our current live schedule, guitarist Meku will be leaving the band.

The reason is for musical differences.

Due to the irreparable rift that has unfortunately opened up between the musicianship he hopes and aims for and the musical direction that the band GALEYD is moving towards, from here on it is no longer suitable to continue musical activities together in the same band. In regards to this, we had many long discussions amongst all the members, and the decision everyone came to was that it is simply not possible to bridge this gap in musical tastes.

To all the fans who have supported the four-member GALEYD until now, we are truly sorry for having to make the announcement this way. However, with the earnest opinions of both the members and the staff, in the end, we have reached the conclusion that it is best for Meku and GALEYD to walk down different paths.

As four members, GALEYD’s remaining activites are: our 4th oneman on 7/15 at Shibuya WWW, instores accompanying the sale of the FLEE FROM REALITY single, and August’s tour and Nagoya-Osaka campaign. Activities will end after the Osaka live on 8/23, but the strong bonds that have tied the four members together since the band’s formation will not change. While respecting each others personalities and goals, Meku and GALEYD will continue forward on different paths.

For the remaining two months, GALEYD’s current lineup will more than ever pour our hearts and full strength into our lives. If everyone can please support GALEYD’s current lineup to the very end, we will be truly happy.

To all the fans, and all the staff, for being so kind as to lend us occasion time and time again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude.

For all the support until now, thank you so much.

And, from here on and further, please continue to treat Meku and GALEYD kindly.


Naturally as the one who formed the band, being the leader GALEYD was my first such experience.

The driving force for forming [the band] was the thought that if compromises were to be made, for the first time I would work on them from beginning to end myself until an agreement was reached.

And, what has become the driving force for leaving the band now was there, in the same thought.

A true band consists of members and staff who all share and move forward toward the same vision.

With all compromises building up, I felt strongly that the musical goals I was aiming for, and that excited feeling and passion withing me was collapsing. I could not allow such a thing to happen.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that have been left undone.

I wanted to go around the country,
I wanted to do a two-man tour with my dear friends,
and most of all I wanted to create so much more exciting music.

But those are things I think when I look back.

That is, all the activities leading to this have not been lies, and that I am able to play guitar to my heart’s content thanks to all the people who have supported us with all their strength until now.

For that that I have only feelings of gratitude.

The next time we meet, it will be with music both I and the others are able to understand.

To all our beloved fans, thank you for everything until now.


I think we probably surprised everyone with this suddenness.

It is certainly true that not a single one of us thought things would come to this.

I wanted to share the same time together, and push toward the same goal together, but…
The directions we were facing changed, and it became impossible to push forward in the same direction.

Honestly, I was quitting music myself but then it was Meku-chan who invited me and once again I thought I’d play in a band. That band was GALEYD, and so I feel like I really can’t say anything.

Our directions may have changed, but there are no hard feelings between us, and so I am truly cheering for the path that Meku-chan takes.

I think that I really want him to take the things he wants to do and thoroughly pursue them to the very end.

Meku-chan, thank you.

After our currently planned live schedule, lives with Meku-chan as part of GALEYD will cease to exist.

For all the rest of our schedule, we will be throwing all our power into our lives. I would like it if everyone could please come see GALEYD as we currently are.


First of all, I would really like to apologize for this announcement.

But, if the artistic impression upon playing music differs, even if we continue together nothing good can be created. We discussed this many times and this was the result.

From now on we will be walking different paths, but Meku is a good rival, and as his friend I will continue supporting him.

Everyone else too, from here on please continue to support GALEYD and Meku.


For a member to leave is not something that we were able to decide easily.

It was a bitter decision.

Music is a free thing. And a band is a place to be able to express yourself as you like.
If your path no longer crosses with that music, you cannot express yourself. So I think what is most important is to respect his feelings.

Because music is a free thing.

The time until now that we four members have continued activities as GALEYD is a very valuable thing.
This sounds like an expression used for a disbandment, but a member leaving is just as big of a deal.
But, it’s something that we decided ourselves and I think we can overcome these troubles.

So from here on too, please continue to love Meku and GALEYD without change.


As stated, before Meku departs form GALEYD the band will have their 4th One Man “REALIVE”, as well as a Japan-Tour “Geki On” with D.I.D., Sel’m, and SIGNAL, and two lives in Nagoya and Osaka. We have added their schedule below, and we strongly encourage fans to see the band’s final lives in their current line-up.

7/15 @ Shibuya WWW
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500
Time: 16:30/17:00
Tickets available via L-Tike, E+

8/1 @ Okayama IMAGE
8/2 @ Fukuoka DRUM SON
8/4 @ Shinsaibashi VARON
8/5 @ Imaike 3STAR
8/8 @ Takadanobaba AREA

ACT: GALEYD, D.I.D., Sel’m
Ticket: ¥3500/¥4000
Door: 17:00/17:30

REBELS STYLE 20130822 (50 Minute Sets)
8/22 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
Act: GALEYD, Eat You Alive, Tokyo Heroes, BIOSPHIA, Lustknot
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500
Door: 17:00/17:30

Spread oF infeCtions DiseasES
Act: GALEYD, BIOSPHIA, RevleZ OA: SoniqRush
Ticket: ¥3000/¥3500
Door: 16:30/17:00

This reporter will be attending several of these lives; will you be there to see Meku off? If so, please leave it in a comment below.

We wish Meku the best of luck with his music, and we wish GALEYD a continuing their activities. The remaining members seem determined to continue on, and so shall their fans!

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