Paradeis to Disband

Paradeis to Disband
Some sad news for Paradeis fans today.

As stated on their OHP recently, they have decided that, after the release of their latest album 「DREAM」, they’ll be disbanding on 2012.10.30. They’ve stated the reason behind the decision was that they felt that after DREAM was completed, it was the best they as five members had done, and concluded they would end activity afterwards. They are sorry for the trouble, but wish that fans continue to support them until the end.

To conclude their activities, they’ll be holding a final one-man tour in October, ending on 10.30.

10.09 HOLIDAY Nagoya
10.15 Shinjuku RUIDO K4
10.30 Osaka Muse

Source: OHP

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12 Responses to Paradeis to Disband

  1. August Norborg

    Oh wow. They were never good, like, they were the band everyone mocked, and I was never into their music, but they were dear to me in a weird way, I liked knowing they existed. Not sure what to feel about this. o_o

  2. CC


  3. Charlotte

    I’m actually really sad about this. Everyone loved to hate this band, but to me, they were amazing. People only cared about their weird stuff and mocked Mashiro’s voice, but they are a truly great band… like… Col Tempo is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, across all musical genres. I’m gonna miss them.

  4. blackcoffee

    I’m one person who’s going to miss them too. They are unique and I once saw them live in a event, and I have to say I enjoyed their performance quite a lot. Even though people love to hate them there are fans around too.

  5. Kiwi

    lol Bout time <3

  6. Francisca

    Another disbanding we can put on the big list of disbanding 2012 >_<

  7. JustaRandomSixthGun

    Paradeis was one of the first J-Rock bands I ever heard,and I kinda loved them… I’ve always loved kinda weird bands.. And Mashiro was kinda my first bias..
    I seriously can’t believe my babies are disbanding..

  8. Lilly Skylake

    I have to say… I’m so sad, I just can’t believe this is happening… They were one of the few j-rock bands I still paid attention to, you know, listening and all, and now they’re just disbanding… Well… I wish the best for them ): <3

  9. thankyouandroid

    Wow, Like,after Col·Tempo I thought they were getting really shitty,and I had always prefered Himeyuri much much more, but I’m going to miss them, just the fact that they are disbandind is kind of sad. I’d like Mashiro or Ryuki to keep on doing things, but it might be too much to ask for :/ oh well

  10. Mashichanlove

    Omg….. It does make me sad how everybody HATES paradeis or mashiro . It hurts real true fans like myself .. It is something I wish I didn’t have to see. But we all have our own say.

    The news crushes me. It did the first time. And it still does now. Paradeis IS my favorite band
    Paradeis is my life… and the fact that they won’t be PaRADEiS or make music anymore makes me want to cry until my eyes burn.. But what will tears do.

    Paradeis disbanding is here. It is something we , THE FANS, have to accept…

  11. luckyjackpot

    this group actually versatile. they can play oshare happy theme, visual kei dark theme, jazz & ballad. my fav good song such as soredemo, the otherside of paradeis and pathos logos. overall after 4 years with 2 album (col tempo & dream) and several mini albums, is awesome. umm not forget the singer so cute.

  12. Hiri

    Wow this makes me sad too :'( i love Mashiro and the band as well his voice is different and thats what i loved a bout him well and cause hes a cutie! But still i will continue to suppoer anything that they decide to do i love them all so much!

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