MaitoreiA favors and instores

MaitoreiA favors and instores
Back in May, we posted about MaitoreiA’s first single that’s coming out on July 8th called 「明星」(Myoujou).

They’ve sent out information through the mailmag with interesting information regarding the special privileges!

If you pick up your copy at Like an Edison shops, you will receive a special DVD, each containing different footage.
Tokyo – 「Billiards (Batsu Game)」
Nagoya – 「Bowling (Batsu Game)」
Osaka – 「Free Throw (Batsu Game)」
Harajuku – 「Table Tennis (Batsu Game)」

(A batsu game is a game played as a form of punishment to the loser of a game).

The first 50 who get theirs from Jishuban Club receive a special rehearsal take CD-R of 「明星」 (Myoujou).

For ZEAL LINK the favor is a signed message CD.

RISKY DRUG STORE is giving one group photo (type A, B or C) plus a top secret photo of DAISHI.

The HOLIDAY CD shops are also giving out group photos, but D, E or F types.

Pure Sound and Closet Child have one solo photo of the member’s included with the release; Closet Child using type A, and Pure Sound using type B.

Along with the special privileges, they’ve also updated their instore events list, and some of them sound pretty interesting!
July 12th @ Like an Edison – Tokyo (Talk / Sign & Handshake)
August 8th @ Like an Edison – Nagoya (Talk & Magic Show & Handshake)
August 10th @ Like an Edison – Osaka (Talk & Takoyaki Russian Roulette)
August 23rd @ Jishuban Club (Talk & Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament / Handshake)
August 23rd @ ZEAL LINK (Talk & Handshake & Mini-acoustic Live)

So MaitoreiA fans, if you had your pick, which favor and which instore would you choose?

Source: Official Mailmag


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  1. Ichibayo

    The Batsu Game DVD is a really cool idea ^^

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