Update on AND’s Major Album

Update on AND's Major Album
More updates for アンド (AND) today, and first, they’ve updated their OHP with a new look!

Looking good, right? Along with their new photos, they’ve updated the tracklist to their album dropping on 2012.8.8, titled 「宣戦布告」(Sensenfukoku). Remember, it comes in three different types! A and B are CD+DVD, while C is CD-only. All types are listed on CDJapan for pre-order.

1. mission
2. daybreak
4. Diabolus
5. つぼみ (Tsubomi)
6. dione
7. 夢遊の籠 (Muyuu no Kago)
8. Vanishe
9. Liberate
10. Suicidal dance
11. end of the world (C-type only)
12. Feather
13. Lycrois

Type A’s DVD will contain a photobook and the PV’s for Diabolus, BLAZE, Liberate and Muyuu no Kago, as well as the PV Making for Muyuu no Kago. Type B will hold document footage from 2011 to 2012, as well as the photobook.

Don’t forget, their oneman tour will start in September! Are any of you planning to attend?

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  1. Mandi

    Actually, the PV is for Diabolus only and there will be making of PV’s for BLAZE, Liberate, Muyuu no Kago, and Diabolus.

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