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SAKURA Loses Two Members, Gains a First Anniversary One-man
Friday, June 26, 2015 at 2:54am in Breaking News, Departures, Lives, One-mans, Translations

SAKURA Loses Two Members, Gains a First Anniversary One-man

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We introduced SAKURA, a 5-member band that started activities in February, back in April. They successfully pulled off their first one-man live on June 18th, but they had two very important announcements.

The first announcement was the departure of Gt. Chihiro and Dr. Takahiro. Both of them seem to have had different ideas about how SAKURA should move forward, and the strain was too much for them to continue on. Read the official announcement along with comments from Chihiro and Takahiro below (translated by yours truly):


An Important Announcement

We have an important announcement for our continuous supporters.
As we notified you at our 6/18 one-man performance,
Chihiro and Takahiro will leave the band following our schedule after 8/10.
This is the result reached
after repeated discussion involving both members and staff
regarding our future activities
and each member’s future.
Both band and staff intend to continue on until 8/10 with our best efforts.
We will notify you of our schedule past then, as well as the band line-up, when they have been decided.
We hope that you can watch over our 5-member SAKURA and give us your support until the end.

We sincerely apologize to our supporters and staff for causing such inconvenience with this disappointing news.

Please continue to give us your support.

All Members and Staff of SAKURA

Below are comments from Chihiro and Takahiro.

To all of our supporters,
As we said at our 6/18 one-man performance in commemoration of our band’s beginning, I’ll leave the band following our 8/10 schedule.
I’m really sorry for making such an announcement during such an important live that marked our beginning.

Including the time it took to prepare for the band’s beginning, it’s been exactly one year.
I started when Kazu told me about the band.
The ambition in my heart to continue with band activities had stopped. I was already involved in a unit band called RE-LITE, and it was Kazu who encouraged me to start a band once more.

I was a member who continued playing with RE-LITE; I felt destined in a sense to start another band with Kazu though the will to play had stopped in my heart. I decided to take the leap and took another step forward. I resolved myself in a way that I can’t express in words.

Then, with the goal of putting on a start-up one-man show with 5 members waving over our heads, we created our costumes, did photoshoots, recorded, and did other sorts of preparation. During that time, I clashed with the other members.
They were all conflicts born from a desire to make SAKURA a better band, and each time we overcame those disputes with some effort.

However, it became clearer and clearer in our discussions that our directions, plans for the band, and values were different. While dealing with this, I became stressed about not being able to find a solution.

Then, when we discussed our new goals for SAKURA among the 5 of us,
I decided to be frank and declared my decision [to leave].
It’s because I like these members that we talked about all of our feelings and tried to understand each other in order to move forward.
In thinking about SAKURA’s new future goals,
we decided it would be difficult to continue with these current feelings.

The year we’ve spent preparing has felt short, but also felt extremely long for me, and I’ve received a lot from SAKURA and all of our supporters.
There were some hard times, but what I’ve received is even greater,
and I can’t thank everyone enough. Truly.

I’m also grateful to Kazu, who inspired me to start a band again though the will to do so had already stopped in my heart.

Honestly, I have a lot of mixed feelings right now, but this is a decision I made after thinking over everything thoroughly. I hope you’ll be able to understand after thinking about it for a little while.

We’ll return to our starting point after August; I’ll re-establish both myself and my activities in RE-LITE with all of my focus as I continue on with music.

I, as the guitarist of SAKURA until August,
don’t want to look at my time with SAKURA in a negative light. I want to face it with optimism and a smile.

I want everyone that holds their time with us dear to see the 5 of us until the end with smiles.
Please give us your support.

I’ll express my gratitude in my final words.
I want to make as many memories as I can with everyone and SAKURA,
so please come along.

2015.6.22 SAKURA Chihiro

I announced my departure from the band following 8/10 at our start-up one-man live.
The 5 members of SAKURA first gathered about a year ago. If you include the time we spent searching for members, it has taken about a year and a half for SAKURA to begin activities.
We spent a lot of that time facing each other with the resolve that we didn’t want to compromise.
Around the end of last year, we took our artist photo, filmed for our MV at the start of the new year, recorded music, played a secret live in February; SAKURA’s activities became more and more established.
We talked a lot about how to make SAKURA a bigger band while planning our schedule for the year.
It was during those discussions that I gradually realized my idea about how to move forward was different from the other and wondered about why I wanted to play in this kind of band. Our values didn’t match up.
I thought that I’d start to hate SAKURA if I forced myself to continue.
Since I didn’t want things to come to that, I ultimately made the decision to leave the and.

As we announced, SAKURA will play their first anniversary one-man at the International Forum Hall C with the three members Takanobu, Kazu, and Den.
I thought that was a pretty impressive resolution.
This isn’t a decision made out of dislike for the other members, so I want you to keep watching over them.

I’ll play until 8/10 as SAKURA’s Takahiro with all of my strength, so please support me until then. ☆

Speaking of more personal matters, I love drumming and being in a band, so I’ll keep doing music. Please look out for me.

2015-6-22 SAKURA 誉大〜takahiro〜

You can still catch the current lineup until August 10th. See if you can make it to one of these shows below:

July 1 (Wed) @ Ikebukuro EDGE
July 7 (Tue) @ Kanazawa AZ
July 10 (Fri) @ Sendai HooK
July 14 (Tue) @ Ikebukuro RUIDOK3
July 14 (Tue) @ Ikebukuro EDGE
July 16 (Thu) @ Ikebukuro EDGE
July 28 (Tue) @ Ikebukuro EDGE
Aug 10 (Mon) @ beauty;tricker~Shibuya ga Taihen!~

SAKURA had some good news to follow up the bad news, though. In 2016, the band will hold their first anniversary one-man live at Tokyo’s International Forum Hall C. The 1,500+ capacity venue may be a bit ambitious for such a new band to fill, but the band doesn’t seem intimidated. Details are still TBA, but S-T will let you know as soon as we hear.

For now, enjoy the time you have with Chihiro and Takahiro left and look forward to a newer SAKURA.

Source: OHP, vkdb


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