DecoLa Hopping loses Ryousuke

DecoLa Hopping loses Ryousuke
Sadly DecoLa Hopping has lost another member making the group go down to a trio.


I have important news for everyone….
At this time, DecoLa Hopping’s bassist Ryousuke has decided to leave the band.
I apologize for sharing this unfortunate news with all our fans.
We are sad to see him leave since he was with the band for a long period of time and was the mood setter of the band.
I hope everyone can understand the answer to his departure.


Since it’s been up on the HP, I’m sure many of you already know, but…
The bassist Ryousuke has decided to leave the band.
First the drummer Chiba…and now Ryousuke left, and I truely apologize to all our fans that have always given us their support.
This was also something that we couldn’t resolve that I feel was a mistake.
I am truly sorry.
Since Ryosuke was there for the beginning of our band, I have put a lot of effort into playing with Ryosuke. It was like a continuation of our hobby in Toyohashi and we put all our energy to it.
The first time we did a live in Holiday Nagoya, I was immensely succumbed by our own immaturity and moved that we did a oneman live. Then last year, we were taped together on TV.
Truly this long time we have had joy and sorrow together, so it is natural that there is feelings of emptiness.
However, I hope that somehow his life can be watched over with kind eyes.
I am deeply sorry for this unfortunate announcement.
DecoLa Hopping thanks you for your cooperation.


Important News
It’s been a while since I have updated my blog, so I’m sorry about that *sweatdrop*

To everyone who has been to the DecoLa Hopping homepage, I’m sure you know by now, but
On June 15, our bassist Ryosuke has decided to quit the band.

The circumstances that were reached on him parting ways with the band was by his own wishes.
It seemed like to Ryosuke that he could do more important things then the band.
The members also decided to accept this to respect his opinion.
My apologies to all of our fans who were come to find this abrupt news to be very shocking, and couldn’t properly announce it on stage.
However, this was something that all of the members and the label have talk together many times and came to a decision on.
I hope you can understand.
We have only 3 members left, but even in one day, we will quickly stand up on stage and take on the challenge with all our strength!
So please wait everyone~
And please continue supporting DecoLa Hopping!

In the end….
To our friends, family, and everyone who has given us support..
Suiya will not disappoint everyone’s expectations!
So I will do my best!
For the meantime, I want to do a live real soon!!

Unfortunately Ryousuke deleted his blog before we could translate his last message. Lets wish the band the best and hope they continue on with a new member…

Source: OHP

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5 Responses to DecoLa Hopping loses Ryousuke

  1. melephant

    D': oh no

  2. Sonii

    I was already wondering why he deleted his Ameba Blog…
    So I guessed something like that…
    Thanks for the news. Hope they’ll find new members soon!
    I want new songs T_T

  3. Hitsu

    |D WELL. Everyone on the deco LJ seems to think theyre going to disband, but it seems theyre going to continue, so i’m glad :D

  4. Ryou

    I am happy to see Suiya keep up the same happy energy!

  5. Terrie

    I really luv them…hopefully they keep it up,, since theres alot of bands disbanding lately…Ryosuke been with them since the start I can’t believe he quit…But then again they shouldn’t be so worried there’s lots of vk bands that r solo, 2 members or 3 members and licker also bounced back… since they hadn’t had a bass cause their vocalist used to play and then wen they find a bass player da drummer whom is a girl left da band, but they end up finding another girl drummer…and now have five members w/ 3 original members vocal: female 1st& 2nd guitarist : males …total of 2 girls and 3 boys…SO DON’T GIVE UP DECOLA HOPPING!!!!!!!

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