New Single for yazzmad

New Single for yazzmad
A new announcement from yazzmad today! This comes after the departure of their bassist and drummer last June, as well as the release of their first self-titled mini album.

yazzmad will be releasing a brand new EP, titled 「[Door]」on 2012.7.25! It will come in one type, include four songs and cost ¥1575. It’s also available on CDJapan for pre-order, so be sure and support them!

1. ポスト (Post)
2. ルリビタキ (Ruribitaki)
3. ノッキン (Knocking)
4. リプレイ (Replay)

Along with the single, they’ll be holding a short release tour in August, titled 「[Door]」. But, not before having a special release event! Titled 「-Remember the future-, it will take place at Shinjuku HEAD POWER and will cost ¥3500 to attend.
Participants include: yazzmad, umbrella, 次世代エキサイト (Jisedai Excite), リビドー (The Libido) and ex-Monokuro Kinema, Taketoshi’s session band, サイレントサイレン (Silent Siren.)

「[Door]」Release Tour
8.03 Shinsaibashi club ALIVE!
8.29 Takadanobaba AREA

Source: OHP, CDJapan 


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