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BLITZ to disband this November
Monday, June 22, 2015 at 6:43am in Disbandments, News

BLITZ to disband this November


It seems disbandments are all too common in the world of VK, and S-T is saddened to bring you news of one more: BLITZ will be disbanding after three years as a group this coming November. The following are the member’s comments, translated by S-T’s Shannon:

An Announcement from Blitz
Dear Sirs and Madams, in this balmy season, we are grateful for our increasing spirits.
Blitz will disband following our performance on 2015/11/7 (Sat) at Shinjuku BLAZE.
Thank you to all of our supportive fans and staff for these past 3 years.
Blitz will play with all of their energy until the end, so please continue to give us your warm support for the time remaining.
First, I’m sorry for this shocking news.
This is the result of repeated discussions about our concerns over a long period of time.
We started Blitz not even knowing our right from our left, but I’m happy that we’ve continued without any member changes.
Playing in a band for 3 years isn’t easy by any means. In the 3 years we’ve been together, we’ve run into many obstacles.
But thanks to our fans, we were able to keep going the way we have.
I’m really grateful to you.
Thank you for staying by our side!
Thank you for all of your smiles!
These past 3 years with Blitz are undoubtedly the best memories of my life.
We’ll play our last few months of shows with all that we’ve got, so follow us with all that you’ve got.
Let’s give our best smiles until the end!
I’m not really sure where to start with this sudden news, so I’ll start by talking about my feelings.
Blitz will disband after our performance at Shinjuku BLAZE on 2015/11/7.
When I think back on these past 3 years, a lot has happened.
The 5 of us gathered to start Blitz without knowing anything.
We devoted ourselves to the band day by day, and I’m proud of how much we’ve grown through our experiences with one-man shows and songwriting.
I experienced fun times, hard times, and all sorts of feelings with these members.
I’m glad that we were able to come this far without any member changes or departures.
Thank you to all of our fans that have supported us and empathized with our music.
I’m nothing but grateful to you.
There’s so much more that I want to tell you,
but I’m going to put all of those thoughts and feelings into the time we have left.
We’ll devote ourselves to finding even one more person to listen to our music,
so please give us your support until the end.
Kamiki Miharu
I’m really sorry for shocking you all with this sudden news. I wanted to climb higher and higher with all of you.
Our dream ends here. I’m so grateful to all of our fans that have supported us.
Thank you for understanding Blitz’s music for these past three years and for walking along this path with us.
I’m glad that I played with this band that I decided would be both my first and my last.
These 3 years I’ve spent with the band and our fans are treasures that can’t compare to anything else in my life.
I’m going to pour 100% of my feeling into making you someday believe that this decision to disband was actually worth it. I’ll give my all until the end, so please give us your all until the end.
Let’s look forward to meeting at the one-man tour and nationwide sponsored events together.
Please give us your support until our 11/7 performance at Shinjuku BLAZE so that we can make it a huge success.
Blitz has made the sudden decision to disband. In the 3 years since we began on 2012/4/2, I’ve met all kinds of people like our Blitz-gou, our fans that have traveled Japan with us, our staff, and our kankeisha all over the world!
There have been hundreds of times that your smiles have made me smile when I see them.
There are only a handful of times left in the 5 months we have left until 11/7 at Shinjuku BLAZE, but I hope you can keep showing me your smiles until the end♪I think Blitz is great because we all get along so well!
There’s a little bit of pain, but I’m going to play until 11/7 with mind, body, and spirit, so I hope we’ll find a way to be left in your memory!
These 3 years with Blitz have been ones overflowing with happiness.
I’m sorry for both shocking and saddening fans who were looking forward to our future.
I’m full of gratitude for those who have supported us.
The members have gotten along so well that we’ve become like family, and I think that’s what gives this band meaning.
I think I’ve expressed all that I want to express with Blitz.
I don’t think we’ve made even one real mistake, so I have no regrets.
I entrust Blitz’s music to you all after our 11/7 performance at Shinjuku BLAZE ends.
I might not be able to see you again after 11/7.
That’s why I’m going to play until the end with Blitz in my own way. It’s a bit selfish of me to ask, but please stay with us until the end.
I’m proud of playing drums for Blitz and for finding somewhere I belong.

The band has plenty of lives until their disbandment, you can catch them at the following venues:

7/3 (Fri) @ Tokyo Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu
7/10 (Fri) @ Tokyo Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu
7/17 (Fri) @ Tokyo Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu
7/24 (Fri) @ Tokyo Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu
7/31 (Fri) @ Tokyo Higashi-Koenji 20000 Den-atsu
8/3 (Mon) @ SHIBUYA REX
8/6(Thurs)@ Osaka RUIDO
8/8(Sat)@ Fukuoka DRUM SON
8/10(Mon)@ Okuyama IMAGE
8/12(Wed)@ Sendai MACANA
8/13(Thurs)@ Ikebukuro EDGE
8/25 (Tues) @ Ikebukuro BlackHole
8/26(Wed)@ Shin Yokohama New Side Beach
9/10 (Thurs) @ Sendai MACANA
9/14 (Mon) @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK
9/15 (Tues) @ Nagano JUNK BOX
9/24 (Thurs) @ Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
9/25 (Fri) @ OSAKA MUSE
9/26 (Sat) @ Okuyama IMAGE
9/28 (Mon) @ Kumamoto Be9 V2
9/29 (Tues) @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
10/6 (Tues) @ EDGE IKEBUKURO
10/7 (Wed) @ TSUTAYA O-WEST
10/13(Tues)@ TSUTAYA O-WEST
11/2 (Mon) @ Osaka RUIDO
11/7 (Sat) @ Shinjuku BLAZE

Source: VKDB, OHP


BLITZ to disband this November Reviewed by on . It seems disbandments are all too common in the world of VK, and S-T is saddened to bring you news of one more: BLITZ will be disbanding after three years as a It seems disbandments are all too common in the world of VK, and S-T is saddened to bring you news of one more: BLITZ will be disbanding after three years as a Rating: 0

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