-OZ- news

-OZ- news
-OZ- just finished a tour but that doesn’t mean they will be resting anytime soon. Aki updated his blog with a thank you to those who came to see them at Niigata LOTS and through out their sponsored tour. And a sneak peek at some cool tidbits on the band’s activities for the rest of the year.

…2nd full album is put on the market in November.

The BEST album is put on the market in December.

Nationwide one-man tour that starts on November 29.
European one-man tour that starts in January.

So far no info or solid evidence on any of these updates, but European one-man? What do you guys think about this?

Speaking of new releases, -OZ-‘s latest singles (Viridian and Wisteria), are now available for European digital download.

viridian & wisteria

Now available for Digital Download in Europe!

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1. Rain Delay
2. Protect : Code
3. Blackout


1. Pressed Flower
2. Retrograde
3. Another Reign

Sources: Aki’s blog, CLJ Records


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21 Responses to -OZ- news

  1. NATSU子

    European one-man? I’m American but that still got my heart racing :DD

  2. d4rkie

    awesome news. I hope I’ll still be in Europe and that they’ll do a gig in Moscow ^__^

  3. Hizushi

    it’s starting in Januaray but I can’t wait to see -OZ- live!! it’s a dream <3

  4. Keia

    I don’t know if I’ll go but this are great news for the band and the fans ^__^

  5. Kiru

    Great! I’ll definetly go!<3
    Never thought this would happen though xD

  6. Hayapeko

    announce a european tour so early is just crazy. I mean, i is still 6 to 7 months until it starts. Sure it is awesome news. I will go ant watch them in japan before. i wonder if they are good. Not so much into OZ music u know.

    • 歯車

      ee, I know, it’s too much crazy making European fans who can’t go to Japan instead as you happy to wait to see them live :°D

  7. kikki

    a best album can mean that they’re going major soon? because that would be awesome for them^^ i mean i wish that more people knew about -OZ- because they’re awesome *.*
    and i’m so excited about the 2nd album and the european tour however i don’t think they’re going to come to Hungary but well…then i’ll try to go somewhere abroad xD

  8. Kelly

    OH MY GOD. I really hope the EU Tour thing is true. I better start saving up then. <3

  9. furuxx

    holy fuck. I have to go on one of their gigs when they’re in Europe!!

  10. keri


    I KNEW they were going to release an album this year and my dream came true!! :D I seriously just checked their ohp yesterday!
    The Best of album, probably going to have to order that too :)
    Definitely makes me think they are going major! :D
    lol I wanna save up my money to go to Europe to see them! haha :)

    • keri

      This is definitely the best news i’ve seen on this site in a while <33 damn disbandments :(

  11. Milou

    I´ll definitely go to one of their concerts in Europe! ♥
    I´m hoping for a concert in Utrecht (Holland), but otherwise I´ll just go to Köln or Bochum ;D

    @Hayapeko .. didn´t Versailles also announce there tour almost 6 months before start?

  12. Bianca


  13. Bianca

    Sorry for the caps, but I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovve -OZ- They are my favorite band and I can’t contain the excitement about the great news. The best of album also makes me believe that they are going major and that makes me ultra happy. They absolutely deserve to go major and not to mention the new full album makes me excited as well. I can’t wait. I also hope that in the near future they will come to America so that I can see them live.

    Awesome news indeed!

  14. DKjapanesefreak

    i really hope they come to denmark, please not sweden, it’s cheaper to go to denmark from sweden, than it is from denmark to sweden, please don’t skip denmark! other than that, i can’t wait for their 2nd album ^^

  15. Ishimaru

    That’s awesome news !! I’m really glad for them. It would be great if more people knew about -OZ-, they deserve it so much ! I think that they’re one of the best VK bands around~ I hope that their EU tour is going to be a big succes ^_^ Then, maybe they’d think of coming to America ? There’s lots of -OZ- fans here who’d love to see them live (like me :P) !

  16. Velten

    I hope that means hey will come to the US after the Eu tour…

  17. Hamu

    Im seeing them in Japan in August with SKULL but if I could see them back home in the UK that would be even more amazing!!! Ill be mass fanmailing them trying to pursuade. They cant miss the UK like Unsraw did since I love them way more than Unsraw too XD They are one of the best Jrock bands around and they deserve to be very big!

    • keri

      haha I wrote Natsuki some fan mail yesterday, but telling him that they should come to the US too! ^^

  18. kitty

    I hope to be in Italy……would be great !!!

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