First single and sponsored event for yazzmad

First single and sponsored event for yazzmad
yazzmad have announced that they’ll be releasing their first single this summer! It will be called 「manic種子と雨。」(manic Shushi to Ame.) and will be officially released on the 1st of September, costing 1050 yen.

However, before that happens, the band is planning on participating in few events, making sort of a ‘countdown’ to their sponsored event, which will take place few days prior the single’s release date. (Each event has ‘moratorium’ in a title and an appropriate number, the first one is ‘moratorium.3′ and counting down to ‘moratorium.0′, the sponsored event.):

July 22nd @ Ikebukuro CYBER || Planet Child Records sponsored event
July 28th @ Ikebukuro CYBER || レム (Lem) sponsored event
August 6th @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU || As if in the darkness. sponsored event
August 23rd @ Osaka RED ZONE || yazzmad sponsored event

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