You Leaves DEVI+TEC

You Leaves DEVI+TEC

A little more bad news for the indies scene: You’s last live with DEVI+TEC will be on June 29th, at which point the band plans to continue activities with a support bassist.
Their official statement reads:

More than ever, thank you deeply for supporting DEVI+TEC.
We have an important notice for everyone.
At this time, after the free mini one-man live on June 29th, it has been decided that bassist You will leave the band for personal reasons.
This is the result of repeated talks among the members.
We apologize from the bottoms of our hearts to the fans who have supported us, as well as the related personnel, for this unfortunate and sudden announcement.
For activities following June 29th, a support member will join for the time being and activities will continue.
There is only a little time remaining but please continue to give us your unrelenting support.
June 2012 DEVI+TEC members

It seems the members have not made their own statements on the matter.
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