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heidi. 9th Anniversary Live Report
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heidi. 9th Anniversary Live Report



heidi. 6/3 at Club Asia

Excitement was in the air as Club Asia began to fill up for heidi.’s celebration of their 9th anniversary. As the clock neared their scheduled start time, the cozy venue continued to fill up until it was packed with fans, buzzing with anticipation, eyes set on the dark stage.

Just a few minutes past 6:30 the venue went pitch black and curtains opened to a screen behind the stage. The audience exploded into cheers and yells of excitement as the screen lit up, welcoming them to heidi.’s 9th anniversary and announcing the shows on their Road to the 10th Anniversary tour.

Blue stage lights flashed on as the band took to the stage. Each member received ecstatic cheers from the crowd as they walked on waving, one at a time.

After greeting their fans, the band went immediately into “Glide,” an exciting, upbeat track which set the stage for the night.



The second song of the night, “Machikado Bojou,” began with drums, the stage lit in soft tones of red and purple. The audience clapped to the fast and intense beat of one of heidi.’s oldest and rarest songs. Emotion was running deep in the movement and expressiveness of the band members, especially singer Yoshihiko who was constantly moving around the stage. The chorus stood out with high, clear vocals, topped only by the emotional high point, reached during the heavy bridge.

The crowd lit up for track “Loop,” jumping up and down and clapping. This bass-heavy track has always been a fan favorite, and bassist Kohsuke did not disappoint, keeping his fun, original melody full of life by moving around stage and interacting with the crowd. Yoshihiko’s vocals came in strong and warm creating a powerful combination with the bassline. It went out with a bang and the sudden silence left fans screaming for more.

Towards the middle of the night, heidi. performed their newest track “Renai Remind.” This very catchy song also got fans excited and moving around, with white and orange lights keeping the stage bright in contrast to the slightly melancholy lyrics. Despite the sad theme, the song continued upbeat and exciting. Kohsuke’s bass once again stands out, coming together with Nao’s guitar in the chorus for a perfect background to Yoshihiko’s vocals.

After that song, Yoshihiko commented on their 9th anniversary by bringing fans back to memories of when they first recorded “Machikado Bojou” many years ago. He reminisced about trying to pose by pretending to hold an ashtray and bending his legs, and Nao called him out with a “Hey you, sing properly.” Somehow, he concluded, anniversary lives bring back memories in a different way than regular lives.



Another track that really stood out was “Gensou Bayashi.” The audience was jumping around from the beginning, each fan that owned a towel holding it up and spinning it around as they danced. Kiri’s drums were the clear feature of this song, with a skip beat that kept it exciting and fast-paced. The beat changed suddenly in the middle, not leaving a single boring moment for fans.

In fact, the entire show did not have a single dull moment. Every song was upbeat, fast, intense and emotional in its own way. Although they came from different times, and had different themes, each song thrilled fans in its own way and stayed true to heidi.’s emphasis on melody.

The loudest track of the night was easily “Omae-san.” From the beginning the beat was intense, the lights were flashing, and the crowd was moshing. All of the members were smiling and running around the stage, interacting with their excitedly headbanging fans. Everyone was pumped, and song was, as always, very high energy. All of the sudden, everything cut off and the fans fell quiet. Yoshihiko thanked everyone for coming, and said again how happy he was to have reached their ninth anniversary. The spotlight found him, and he sang the next line of “Omae-san” slowly, softly and gently. Then the instruments came in once more and the venue dissolved into chaos. Circle pits opened up in the crowd as fans moshed wildly. The song ended as it began, loudly and quickly.

heidi. finished off with pop-rock track “Tsubasa” and left stage for the encore. Before the fans could even get a rhythm going in their yells for an encore, the stage went black and the screen lit up again. The band had recently been to Thailand for a special concert “J-Day” with defspiral, and fans were treated to a video of footage of their time there.



The video covered all of their 3-day trip from their arrival to the airport, to practicing for the show, to sweating over spicy food at an outdoor restaurant. It featured clips of them doing interviews for Thai TV shows, meeting up with fans, and even a Thai lesson from Yoshihiko in which he taught the audience how to say basic greetings and compliment a beautiful woman. It was clear to see how much the band enjoyed their time in Thailand, and the video elicited a lot of laughter and warm smiles from the audience.

After the video ended, the band took the stage again each member running out and jumping around quite a bit, excited and energized.

Kiri began the comments by expressing how much he enjoyed going abroad and being able to perform for fans there, but also stating how he truly loved playing for fans home in Japan as well and thanked everyone for coming.

Kohsuke greeted the audience and discussed the 9-year mark. He admitted to the audience that although he had promised not to cry until their 10th anniversary, he had cried earlier that day. Some songs, he said, just held too much meaning to him.



Nao wondered at the fact that heidi. was now 9 years old. He said that sometimes getting caught up in things, he is not sure whether the band has matured or not, but looking towards the 10th year, they will keep going.

Yoshihiko wrapped things up by thanking everyone again and promising to keep on maturing.

The band sprung into an upbeat encore. Fans were very active from start to finish, losing their sense of order and dancing naturally to the music, often moshing and headbanging. It was the perfect end to an exciting, energetic night.

The final song of the night, “Maria” began with the band working up the crowd and getting them motivated. As soon as the fans recognized the track, they began yelling excitedly. Dark red and blue lights lit up the stage with focus on Kohsuke. The creative, speedy bassline is at the heart of this track and the crowd went crazy for it. A full on circle pit broke out at the chorus, and the song finished off with an emotional ending, with Yoshihiko yelling thank you to the audience.

Finally they left the stage and the screen lit up announcing their 10th anniversary—the same day next year.

It was certainly a night that fans would not forget.



heidi. 6/3 at Club Asia



  1.  グライド (Glide) (2013)
  2. 街角慕情 (Machikado Bojou) (2006)
  3. 泡沫 (Utakata) (2007)
  4. 白昼夢(Hakuchuumu) (2006)
  5. クローバー (Clover) (2006)
  6. ループ (Loop) (2010)
  7. 儚花 (Hakana Hana) (2006)
  8. アンニュイ (Ennui) (2010)
  9. 恋愛リマインド (Renai Remind) (2015)
  10. 月光ショータイム (Gekkou Showtime) (2011)
  11. 幻想囃子(Gensou Bayashi) (2014)
  12. シンクロ(Synchro) (2007)
  13. センチメンタル (Sentimental) (2007)
  14. おまえさん (Omae-san) (2010)
  15. 翼 (Tsubasa) (2009)


En-1. 夏一途 (Natsu Ichizu) (2008)
En-2. ツタツタ(Tsuta Tsuta) (2009)
En-3. パレード (Parade) (2008)
En-4. マリア (Maria) (2006)


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