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Flashback Friday: 【FIGURE;】
Friday, June 20, 2014 at 12:40pm in Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: 【FIGURE;】


It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another installment of Flashback Friday. This week’s band is the dynamic ex-Due’le quartz duo with a bit of a tragic ending, 【FIGURE;】.

【FIGURE;】 (フィギュア) is a two-member band that began activities in late 2004 and officially began in January 2005. After several maxi single releases, an album, a couple of omnibus tracks, and a whirlwind of a year, their activities came to a screeching halt in September 2005 with the departure of vocalist Sakito.

【FIGURE;】 at a glance
January 26, 2005 – September 22, 2005
Main lineup: Sakito and Kikasa
3 maxi singles, 1 album, 2 omnibus tracks

As 2004 came to a close, a new band began. 【FIGURE;】 started off their band activities at full throttle with the release of their first maxi single 「賢い奴隷の愚かな選択」 (Kashikoi Dorei no Oroka na Sentaku) on January 26th, 2005. They released their next maxi single the next month, 「Made in 彼女」 (Made in Kanojo). Since bassist Kikasa was also the owner of the TUXEDO PRODUCTIONS (which closed in January 2013), most of 【FIGURE;】’s shows were at TUXEDO-sponsored events. One of them that took place on March 22nd, 2005 was also the event where their 3rd venue-limited maxi single “” was distributed. (Yes, that’s the name of the song, folks! It’s also a link to a dating site.)


Vo. Sakito

Sakito 2005 (left); current (right)

2005 (left); current (right)

Member from founding to September 9, 2005
Band history: DOZ?? → Due’le quartz →【FIGURe;】

Ba. キカサ (Kikasa)

Kikasa (2012)

Kikasa (2012)

Birthday: January 24th
Member from founding to disbandment
Band history: Rapture (support) → Due’le quartz → Shelly Trip Realize, Unzu → Unzu, 【FIGURe;】→ Unzu, solo
Twitter (inactive)

Support Gt. ヒイナ (Hiina)

Hiina (current)

Hiina (current)

Birthday: January 25th
Band history: FIGURe;(support) → Schwarz lilie → SaTaN (Gt.HI-NA→Vo.&Gt.→Gt.)

【FIGURE;】 continued on with the normal live and release flow over the next few months. They contributed two songs, 「黒い空の雨だって」 (Kuroi Sora no Ame datte) and “” to the omnibus album “CANNONBALL Vol. 2″ in June. They played in a tour commemorative of the omnibus throughout June with the likes of Duel Jewel, MASK, and An Cafe. They dove right into the next “stylish wave CIRCUIT’05” tour in July, which made stops in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

That’s when disaster struck. Their first and only album 「賢い奴隷の愚かな選択」 was scheduled for release at the beginning of July, but the release was repeatedly delayed until as late as August 17th. The reason? Vocalist Sakito had stopped attending all lives, in-stores, and other events. 【FIGURE;】 played in earnest with support vocalists. It wasn’t until September that the group announced Sakito’s official retirement from the band due to home-related circumstances and his personal mental condition. As a result, 【FIGURE;】 made the decision to disband following their show on September 22nd, 2005.

Left: Kikasa; Right: Sakito

Left: Kikasa; Right: Sakito

So, what happened to Sakito? It seems that following the death of his father, leaving him as the sole supporter of his family. Nowadays, he pursues an acting career. You can look at his current blog here. Kikasa, as we mentioned earlier, continued on as the owner as TUXEDO PRODUCTIONS until its end in January 2013. Support guitarist Hiina is currently the guitarist in SaTaN.

That rounds up another installation of Flashback Friday. Are there any oldies you want us to write about? How about a particular bandman whose past you want to uncover? Send us a message and let us know!

Source: vkdb, Grass Roots Thread, OHP (defunct)

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