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Lolita 23q member comments
Monday, June 18, 2012 at 3:29am in Hiatus, Translations

Lolita 23q member comments

In light of the recent news about 少女‐ロリヰタ‐23区 (Lolita 23q)’s indefinite hiatus,’s translator Alicia has translated the announcement on the band’s homepage, as well as the comments each member posted to his blog.

After their “WORLD end’s GALAXY” Tour Final at Shinjuku Blaze on 8/26,
Lolita 23q will be going on an indefinite activity pause.

With all of our soul and life, we want to give birth to music that only Lolita 23q can,
and through all the lives we’ve performed and the music we’re written over the years,
and the feeling that we’ve done our duty to the V-rock scene as a band,
we’ve decided to pull the curtain after our 8 years of history up until now.

This is a decision we made so that each of the members can go on and shine in our
own lives and music careers from now on.

To all the fans and people who have supported us,
thank you for all of the love, all of the memories, and all of the amazing scenery you given us.

Lolita 23q,   Soshi, Ryuto, Yu-ki, Ryosuke, BAN



To everyone supporting Lolita 23q.

There are probably people who have already seen the announcement on our OHP,
but we as Lolita 23q have decided to go on an indefinite activity pause.

Since entering the band, I’ve received a ton of support both as a vocalist and as a person, and I’ve learned so much.

I’m honestly full of thanks.

Even though I entered late into a band that already had an 8 year long history,
and I was only a part of it for a short period of that time,
it was without a doubt the greatest time of my life so far.

Through the adversity of coming into the band late, I was supported by the members,
and before I knew it they became my irreplaceable family.

That’s what I’m gonna take all of the left over love I received from Lolita 23q
and keep it in my heart, and use it to persevere through my music career from here on out.

We’re gonna face the rest of our remaining lives events and tours with full power
and carve them into our hearts until the activity pause begins.

So until the day of our activity pause comes, we hope you’ll be watching over us.

Up until now

Thank you so much for all of your love.

I love you too.

Lolita 23q
VO  Soshi



To all of the people who support Lolita 23q,

We’ll be going on an indefinite activity pause. Just like what’s written on our OHP, our reason for doing it was so that we could use our 8 years of music experience to move onto the next big step. When we discussed this among the members, we realized that we had served our purpose and it was time to move on.
We’re a band of 5 members, but one single living thing.
It wouldn’t have been right to just keep going because we’re good friends and it’s really fun, but I think it’s actually because all of our members are really serious about music that we were able to come to this conclusion.
I’m proud that I was able to go from just being a kid who idolized guitarists, to one who started learning to play the guitar, to the person that became a member of Lolita 23q, to the person making this announcement at this very moment. Thanks to all of the support from the fans, I was able to do so many amazing things. And have so many awesome experiences. That’s while I feel so sorry to the fans for making such an impromptu announcement about this. I really thought that Lolita23q would continue on eternally…
All of us members are really close, and we all want to keep making music together, but it looks like it’s not gonna work out like we wanted it to.
But we all think of this decision as a positive one, so even if it’s selfish of us, we hope that you’ll be with us until the very end.

We’re gonna tear up the stage and give it all we’ve got in our remaining time together.





Like it said in the announcement, Lolita 23q have decided we will be going on an indefinite activity pause after our tour finishes.

As far as our compatibility as a band and the direction we take with our music, we members still feel just as we always have.
But we feel like we need to face what’s more important, and repair some part beyond all of that.

And, after carefully thinking through our stance and our music, we decided that we’ve accomplished everything we meant to as Lolita 23q.

Because it’s something so precious to me I feel that I was able to make this decision, but it’s really hard to convey those feelings in words.

I’ve been saved so many times by all the fans’ support and messages.

Thanks to you, the amount of confidence I have in myself now is simply incomparable to what it was when we first started out, and this is a decision we made with those precious feelings in mind.

Being able to change yourself is proof of being alive

I want to keep on challenging myself in life until I’m absolutely satisfied, that’s the truth.

I love all of you fans that supported us, and I love everything we created as Lolita 23q.
Thank you so much!



To everyone

It was an amazing 8 years.

Our group that started off as a simple session band has grown into a band loved by so many people, Lolita 23q.

All of these countless memories feel like they’re something we’ve just recently accomplished.
This band has without a doubt become my flesh and blood.

All of the music we’ve created, all of the stages we’ve stood upon, all of the people we’ve met, they’re all irreplaceable treasures.

We became these 5 members, recklessly wrote our songs and played our lives, and then completed what we should call our album “WORLD end’s GALAXY” which would be considered the culmination of that, and the feeling of accomplishment we had as we brought all of that together as the 5 of us, made us feel that we’ve conquered what we set out to do as Lolita 23q.

As the words “indefinite activity pause” suggest, this summer the curtain will descend on the legend that is Lolita 23q.

I can’t even see anymore.

But one thing I wanna get across, is that the great legend that you and us created together definitely won’t vanish.

“Present” and “Past” and “Future,” it will exist eternally.

Just like a great artist’s works are remembered forever in history, just like the moonlight and the starlight continue keep shining brightly on in the night sky, the times we’ve shared together and the music we’ve played will all continue to live on.

That’s all I wanted to tell you.

And to everyone who supported Lolita 23q throughout our history in the last 8 years,

Thank you so much for always being by our side, and always giving us your support.

No matter how much I try to convey my thanks to you, words will never be enough to express how I feel.

So please come and see us one last time.

Please give us just a little bit more of your time.

I want to make it the most beautiful climax to this great legend we’ve created together.

The legends of end of the world and the ever expanding milky way galaxy, the world of dreams and illusion we’ve inlaid there, the real-world emotions that will soon unfold, let’s create them together, that’s my wish.

And I’ll continue treading on this most beautiful and magnificent path of music.

I gave my everything to Lolita 23q.

And because of that, I hope that all of the people I was able to meet will be able to find their own happiness.

Thank you so so much for loving Lolita 23q.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Lolita 23q
Ba. Ryosuke


I want to tell you how much you’ve made me smile and given me great memories.

Lolita 23q is undying.
I hope it’s a band that will always remain in your heart.

And thank you.

Let’s make our never-ending legend one that will make you smile.

I’m gonna start tomorrow off with a smile, so if there’s anyone out there feeling down, let’s move forward together, ok?

Let’s take each other’s hands, and make Lolita 23q into the greatest band ever, that you can say you love proudly!!

I’ll be waiting for you!

Lolita 23q

OHP, members’ blogs
Translation:’s Alicia


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