Lolita23q to go on indefinite hiatus

Lolita23q to go on indefinite hiatus

少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita23q) announced today that, after 8 years of activity, they are going on an indefinite hiatus after the final of their 「WORLDend’s GALAXY」 tour on August 26th. This decision was made because they feel they have completed their role as a band in the visual rock scene.

The band thanks all those who supported them until now for the love and memories they shared.

Member comments will follow as soon as they are translated. (Edit: The comments have been posted here.)

Moreover, one more live has been added to the tour:

August 9 @ Okayama CRAZYMAMA 2nd Room

Tickets are 3,500 yen. The pre-sale period goes from June 21st until June 30th, followed by the general sale on July 7th.

The rest of the schedule for the 「WORLD end’s GALAXY」 tour can be found here.

Source: OHP, mail magazine

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  1. Ayano

    I arrive in Japan in september…and now this! And their last live is august the 26th… C’mon! =.=”

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