New DVD and maxi-single for Sadie

New DVD and maxi-single for Sadie
Sadie fans have two releases to look forward next month in form of a PV collection and a brand new maxi-single!

Dropping on July 11th, 「CLIPS-13」 is the name of the PV compilation DVD, which contains the music videos released between the band’s formation in 2005 and 2011. As the title suggests, the total amounts to 13 PVs. Interestingly, the DVD also features audio commentary by the members.

CLIPS-13 – 2,940 yen
1. 迷彩 (meisai)
2. サイレントイヴ (silent eve)
3. Crimson Tear
4. a holy terrors
5. Grieving the dead soul
6. Ice Romancer
7. 陽炎 (kagerou)
8. ever
9. ドレス (dress)
10. クライモア (cry more)
11. 棘-toge-
12. Juggernaut
13. Rosario-ロザリオ-

The new single, 「METEOR-メテオ-」, follows its steps two weeks later. It hits the stores on July 25th in three types. The title song will be the ending theme for the program 「Break Out」 for the month of July.

Limited Edition Type A (CD+DVD) – 1,890 yen
2 songs

Limited Edition Type B (CD+DVD) – 1,890 yen
2 songs
METEOR making of
Interview footage

Regular Edition (CD) – 1,575 yen
3 songs

Source: OHP , CD Japan


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