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RayºC’s Temperature Drops Below Zero
Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 2:55pm in Disbandments, Events, Lives, News, Sessions, Translations

RayºC's Temperature Drops Below Zero

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It will be a cold summer, at least for RayºC. The beleaguered band, who has had nothing but struggles since they began activities in 2012, has been left out in the cold now that their private label, VisualShock.JP, has dissolved. Although RayºC has been trudging along doing the best they can, it’s been difficult to continue without the support provided by the VisualShock.JP team, and they’ve announced that they have no choice but to suspend all activities as of July 8th.

In late 2013, RayºC lost drummer Charlie. Then, in January of this year, they incited something of a panic when guitarist Vuit abruptly went off the grid, and band members took to Twitter for help in the search. (Thankfully, Vuit returned unharmed, if not a little hungover and apologetic.) While fans may have hoped that, according to the “no news is good news” mantra, the last few uneventful months meant RayºC had shed their bad luck, unfortunately things recently took a turn for the worse.

Due to RayºC’s abrupt dissolution, their upcoming second single, Drew the Future/eternite, which was due to drop this month, has been completely canceled, as have all promotion events that were planned from July 9th on. To rub salt into the wound, probably due to licensing issues, the band’s existing songs will be removed from karaoke systems, as well.

Fans may be confused as to why essentially being dropped from a label means that a band must break up. VisualShock.JP was actually RayºC’s own label. As such, RayºC, along with their team, were fully in charge of all business and creative decisions. According to guitarist Vuit‘s statement, the “business” side of things began to interfere with the “creative” side of things, and it became impossible for the band and their staff to manage it all in a profitable and fulfilling manner.

Our diligent site lead and translator Ku has interpreted the band’s official statement on the matter, as well as the individual members’ comments, below.

Thank you for your continuous support of RayºC.

We have an urgent announcement; at this time VisualShock.JP, which RayºC is a part of, has been dissolved.

As it has become difficult for RayºC to carry out future activities because of this, the band will cease activities after the July 8th event.

Each member will make his own announcement regarding future activity as soon as possible. Additionally, the second single planned for release in June, the songs available on karaoke machines, and the schedule planned for July 9th and beyond are all cancelled.

We are sorry for causing worry and trouble to all of the fans cheering us on and to everyone connected to us.

The members will devote themselves [to activities] until the end on July 8th, so please lend us your support.”

– RayºC, all members

“I’m really full of disappointment that it’s come to this right now.

That’s because I really love all of you.

But, since there’s nothing more I can do beyond this right now, I wanna face the last live on with all my power.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to come after this yet, but I’ll strive to give you all good news no matter what, so please wait for it.”

From RayºC vocalist Aiku

“As the leader, I feel responsible for this disappointing conclusion; even if we were to continue activities beyond this, there are so many things I can’t foresee, and so it’s come to this.

Thank you very much for supporting us until now.

Since July 8th will be the last live for RayºC, I absolutely want you to come see it so we don’t leave you with any regrets.

I love all of you and you’re precious to me, but I’d like some time to reevaluate my life.”

From RayºC bassist Naoya

“I’m sorry for betraying all the fans who support us with this kind of announcement.

The creative team, VisualShock.JP, is something we built up from the beginning; meeting so many wonderful staff and personnel has helped RayºC grow little by little until now.

But since sometime last autumn the gap between our objectives and our financial and managerial involvement widened, and we concluded that it would be difficult to continue under the current circumstances.

I treasure the many fans supporting us and all the staff we were able to meet with our period of activity of nearly two year.

It’s quite a negative announcement, but I don’t want the fact that we met to be pointless, and I don’t want to leave any regrets.

Please lend me your strength, everyone.”
From RayºC guitarist Vuit

All translations by Ku

But despite this frosty news, RayºC will have a warm send-off with a final live, 仍夜の日 (Naoya no Hi), on July 8th at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, featuring numerous special guests coming together for farewell sessions.

RayºC Last LIVE Naoya no Hi
July 8 (TUE) @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4
OPEN 17:00 | START 17:30

Featuring RayºC / (OA) Aiku Session [Vo. Aiku (RayºC), Gt. Ren (plus magic), Ba. Kaima (Zelktage), Dr.haku (Zelktage)] / (OA) Vuit Session [Vo. Hirohiro (ViV), Gt. Vuit (RayºC), Ba. tomo (ex-superboys), Dr. Waju (ex-LiLiCAL)] / (OA) Naoya Session [Vo. Naoya (RayºC), Gt. Kouya (ex-resist), Gt. Rairu, Ba. Yui (SINLA), Dr. Shinya]

Advance ¥3000 | Day-of ¥3500
*Drink fee excluded

See homepage for details.

Finally, the band has also uploaded the following documentary video on their YouTube channel, featuring a collection of rockin’ live and playful behind-the-scenes clips to remember RayºC by.

Although this project was short-lived, RayºC was a promising and spirited band. Hopefully the members will move on to other projects – maybe, this time, leaning on an established label for support so they can concentrate on their roles as musicians. As YouTube user and fan KimMieAhn commented, “They are too good to just stop because their record label went under.”

Source: RayºC OHP

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RayºC’s Temperature Drops Below Zero Reviewed by on . It will be a cold summer, at least for RayºC. The beleaguered band, who has had nothing but struggles since they began activities in 2012, has been left out in It will be a cold summer, at least for RayºC. The beleaguered band, who has had nothing but struggles since they began activities in 2012, has been left out in Rating:
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