Interview with SCREW

Interview with SCREW

With 2012 marking their 6th anniversary, SCREW shows no signs of slowing down. Until now, their performances outside of Japan were few, such as Jrock Invasion in Germany (2007) and Tsukicon in Finland (2009).  This, however, has not prevented their hard sound from reaching fans all over the globe. 「蠍ーSASORI-」 (scorpion) is the band’s first overseas oneman tour. During their stop in Amsterdam on June 8th, the members of SCREW took time out of their busy schedules to sit down with and answer a few questions about their experiences abroad.

Interview: Cat & Melissa
Translation: Cat & Melissa
Photography: Cat
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First, can you please give an introduction of each member and tell us one interesting fact about yourselves?

Byou: I’m Byou, on vocals. I love sex.
Kazuki: Ah, that was interesting! (claps)
Everyone: (laughs and claps)
Kazuki: I’m Kazuki, on guitar. I love girls. (pauses) Eh, interesting! (claps)
Everyone: (claps)
Rui: I’m Rui, on bass. Something interesting? Hm, I want to live in Europe.
Kazuki: Yes, interesting! (claps)
Everyone: (claps)
Manabu: I’m Manabu, on guitar. Hm… Amsterdam–
Kazuki: (interrupts) Interesting! (claps)
Everyone: (laughs)
Manabu: I want to return to Amsterdam on my time off.
Kazuki: Interesting! (claps)
Everyone: (claps)
Jin: I’m Jin, on drums. Europe is an exciting dream for me.

SCREW has performed in Europe before, but this is your first tour here. How did you prepare for it?

Byou: We went grocery shopping together.
Kazuki: (in English) Japanese food.
Rui: Rice, miso soup, nori. (Note: nori is a type of seaweed, commonly used in the preparation of sushi.)
Byou: We went to buy it together.

Did you buy it in Europe?

Byou: (in English) No, no, no.  In Japan.

In what way are the audiences overseas different than in Japan?

Byou: Even before we start, the crowd responds by making sound, and with their bodies, too.
Kazuki: The girls in Europe are cuter than in Japan.
Rui: I was really happy with the feeling that they all waited for us. Feeling this in every place makes me really happy.
Manabu: I was happy that even in countries where we’ve never been before, everyone knew the songs and the words.
Jin: Everyone is intense.

Have you had any funny or interesting experiences on this tour?

Kazuki: Hm, I kissed the audience.
Rui: Nothing yet.
Manabu: Well, yesterday I went to see a live in Germany.
Rui: Kazuki and I went too. It made an impact on us!
Jin: Because the ceiling of the bus is low, I hit my head often.

That’s difficult, isn’t it?

Kazuki: Japanese people are small but tough. (laughs)

What is the most difficult part of touring overseas?

Byou: Rehearsals.

And what is the most rewarding?

Byou: The lives.

In October, your new single 「XANADU」 will come out. What can fans expect?

Jin: Hm… We will be happy if the fans learn and enjoy the songs.

Can you say a few words to your overseas fans and the readers at

Byou: You are the best.
Kazuki: Please marry me.
Rui: What to say… Please come to Japan one day.
Manabu: Please buy our CDs.
Everyone: (laughs)
Jin: Europe is the best. would like to thank SCREW and B7Klan for this interview.


SCREW fans, stay tuned! A report of the live in Amsterdam on June 8th is coming soon!


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  1. saya13

    OMG I’m happy to dead… Almost crying ;__________; Thank you gurls!!! Great job!

  2. DKjapanesefreak

    Hm well now i know that at least 2/5 parts of ScReW is very… very interested in girls. And marriage? Oh Kazuki, you will regret that :P

    I’d love to buy their stuff, if they were to make music as they used to. As long as they’re making this.. oddly thing which i do not like the sound of, i can’t support it, sorry. ^^

  3. Lacika

    I’m Byou, on vocals. I love sex. XD

  4. Raine

    Lol Byou is really hooked in learning English language ne~
    also couldn’t hide his Ero side. *laughs*
    Kazuki-san, as much as it hurts me seeing and admitting that you’ve kissed some of the audience during you lives there. *Sighs* I’m still happy that you guys had a great time and made it successfully. well you better kiss me too when the time comes that I’ll be watching your lives. >:) Lol and please don’t make up your mind on marrying someone yet! It’s too early! Hahahah

    Jin-chan and Manabu Kawaii as always :3

    Thanks for this girls (^_^)n

  5. Natsuka

    Oh! Thank you so much for this interview! I enjoyed it so much and it made me laugh XD. I’m happy that I was available to see them in friday and that they enjoy europe<3 ^_^. They should come back here soon…or move here! Lol XP. Haha! Kazuki is so funny and cute<3 XP. Yeah, he kissed fans…on the cheek and spitted water on them XD. I'm so happy that he thinks that we are cuter than the japanese fans :D. Aww, of course I will marry you Kazuki<3 ;D. Lol…I knew it that Byo loves sex…that pervert bitch XD. I wonder if he was thinking of having sex with me while he looked intensively into my eyes under the concert. Lol. Eeeh, Jin hits his head on the bus…but he is so short! XD

  6. Reinyann

    Thank you for the translation. I love Screw

  7. Yuu

    Thank you for your interview! (^-^)

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