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LOST ASH “MY STORY” 05/31 @ Hatsudai the DOORS
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 8:20am in Featured, Live Reports

LOST ASH "MY STORY" 05.31.2015

LOST ASH “MY STORY” 05.31.2015

It’s been less than a year since we caught up with LOST ASH at their SUMMER PARTY event last August. Since then, they’ve been playing shows all over the nation and been working hard on creating new music. They announced two one-man shows back in February, a pair of events called “MY STORY.” One took place in Tokyo and one in Nagoya. S-T was lucky enough to catch the Tokyo edition of “MY STORY” on 05.31.2015 at Hatsudai the DOORS.

Fans filled the station-side venue that boasts one of the tallest ceilings of small livehouses in all of Tokyo. It left plenty of room for a giant projection screen on the back of the stage. As fans waited for the band, they snapped open glowsticks and attached them to their arms as bracelets. Some fans were quite literally up to their elbows in glowing neon colors. Soon enough, the lights cut, and the show was ready to start.



The show started off with a big surprise; a brand new look for the band. Their previously ash-colored suits transformed into white shirts, white jackets, white pants, and white sneakers. Fans were just as excited to see the new look themselves as the band was to unveil them. The words “Are you ready?” flashed across the projector and the show began.

Drummer Dye began on keyboard for a jazzy introduction while fans clapped along, switching to drums when LOST ASH’s set opened with MESSAGE from their last release in June 2014. The members greeted everyone with big smiles. They played without break into CLOSE TO YOU, featuring a bit of vocalist Daiki’s screaming. ROYAL ORDER was when the fans started to properly get into the show, spinning band towels above their heads and moving left to right across the floor. The lyrics video featured on their official YouTube played in the background. All of the members were pumped up, but bassist Sai still kept his cool. Show on guitar mouthed the lyrics as if he were a second vocalist.

Next came SUMMER, where fans pulled out glowing Japanese-style fans that they waved back and forth in a warm welcome to summer. The band took a minute to give their first MC of the night. They were excited about their first one-man in over three months. They also announced the venue-limited release of a new song BACKxFORWARD, which some fans had undoubtedly already purchased at the pre-sale merchandise table. Daiki explained how this release felt like another step forward in the 5 years since LOST ASH began; as if they’d accomplished a lot already, but they wanted to continue to fulfill fans’ wishes and keep moving forward. “Let’s have fun!” he called.



Though BACKxFORWARD had just been released via the TAKE OUT LIVE app in digital form at the venue, it was obvious that fans had rehearsed what to do before the show. Both Show’s and Sai’s ample supporters raised their hands during their respective and impressive solos.

Before the next song began, Daiki asked fans to join hands with the fans next to them. “You’re all friends, right?” he asked. He instructed them to move right and left across the floor in unison. Fans complied without question, and after one practice round, they launched into their next song KEEP ON.

Daiki and Dye kept the fast pace up for the next couple of songs, LOVEDIVER and EGOIST, before seguing into another MC. “The show is already halfway over. Fast, huh? I want to do more,” said Daiki, before calling on each member to share a few words.

Sai introduced himself and thanked everyone for coming. He also mentioned that there were a few childhood photos of the members mixed in with that day’s cheki for sale, including a “forbidden toilet scene.” Whoever in the audience managed to grab it didn’t fess up to it.



Show also thanked everyone for coming, and blamed Sai for stealing what he was going to say. He talked about what he did the previous day instead, which mainly included setting up a playlist of the day’s set list on iTunes. He explained that normally doesn’t go out on the days before lives. Show also talked about the new costumes and how summer-like they are (and also about how his costume looks suspiciously a lot like Daiki’s…)

Dye’s explained his pre-live preparation, especially of his drums. He also mentioned this new costume in comparison to old costumes, and talked about the new single before apologizing for talking so much and saying he wanted to move on to some heavier songs.

Those heavier songs were Gimme a break! and Avalanche, both released in 2012. Fans headbanged, shouted, spun, and clapped. The audience was at the height of its energy for Deadly444, arguably the heaviest song of the night. Sai and Show edged so close to the audience that their shoes were hanging halfway off the stage.



The last song before the encore was the namesake of the one-man series, MY STORY. Daiki delivered a heartfelt introduction speech about how if he had chosen a different path from music, he wouldn’t have to worry about money and he’d probably have small children like his classmates by now. But if he wasn’t in music, he wouldn’t have made so many memories. “You only live once,” he stressed. As the band played MY STORY, a slideshow documenting the band’s past 5 years played on the projector in the background. Each member made their exit.

After only minutes of fans shouting “One more song!” LOST ASH returned for not one, but four more songs. They played a couple of old fan favorites, overHORIZON and starlight. The third song was actually a cover of the 1999 song Timing by BLACK BISCUITS, featuring Dye on keyboard. The last song of the night was REALIZE, a classic ending song that fans raised their hands to as one.

LOST ASH left the stage, but the show still wasn’t over. A video played on the giant screen in the back that revealed three major announcements. The first was a fanclub event that will take place on July 19th. The second was two more one-man shows in August. The third, which had the audience screaming the loudest they’d screamed that night, was that of a new single sometime this summer. “Let’s enjoy summer!” the screen flashed.


9. Gimme a break!
10. Avalanche
11. Deadly444

EN-2. starlight
EN-3. Timing (cover of BLACK BISCUITS)





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