ex-deadman Kazuya’s “gift”

ex-deadman Kazuya's "gift"
Kazuya who was formerly in deadman, is releasing a mini-album called “a man’s walking is succession of falls” on June 20th! It’s a five track album that will be available for sale only at lives. The CD features Kayzuya doing both vocals and bass, plus special guests kyoichi (ex-Lastier) on guitar, Nigu (ex-babysitter) and Naohiro (ex-CLOSE) on vocals.

The tracklist is:
『a man’s walking is succession of falls』

1. モノクロノート (Monochrome) – vo.Kazuya lyric.Kazuya music.Kazuya
2. 雨がやむ頃 (Ame ga Yamu koro) – vo.Nigu lyric.Kazuya music.Kazuya
3. さくら (Sakura) – vo.Naohiro lyric.Naohiro music.Kyoichi
4. モルヒネ (Morphine) – vo.Kazuya lyric.Kazuya music.Kazuya
5. 風に散る花 (Kaze ni Chiru Hana) – vo.Kazuya lyric.Kazuya music.Kazuya

You can hear samples of Kazuya’s music on his MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/katotamago

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4 Responses to ex-deadman Kazuya’s “gift”

  1. Kay

    I wish this wasn’t sold at lives only. I would really love to buy this…


  2. polina

    the band is called gift, “a man’s walking is succession of falls” is the name of the release.

  3. Shizuka

    I second the wish this wasn’t live-only. ;~; I miss Nigu so much, and I’m extremely curious about Kazuya as well. By the way, Nigu’s also ex-tosinn in case you didn’t know (but you probably did).

  4. Adrienne

    That’s what I thought, but then BMA had it written differently, so I thought for sure I was wrong. Haha

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