2 new members for Moran

2 new members for Moran
Moran have announced via their OHP that as of their oneman live that took place today, at Shibuya WWW, they have added two new official members to the band!

New to their ranks are guitarist vivi (ex-DragonWAPPPPPPER, ex-Lemon Squash), and bassist Ivy (ex-Dio, ex-remming).

Therefore, from their live on June 29th at Zepp Tokyo, Moran will be starting their activities with the following five members:

Vocals - Hitomi
Guitar - Sizna
Guitar - vivi
Bass - Ivy
Drums - Soan

Are you looking forward to hearing more from this new line up?

Source: vsoku, OHP

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7 Responses to 2 new members for Moran

  1. blackcoffee

    this sure is surprising O.o

  2. yuzu

    That came completely out of left field. Hitomi had said a long time ago that he wanted five members, and he finally got them. I wish them the best of luck! I guess Shingo didn’t want to become permanent. Ah well.

  3. misfit

    Ivy!! ‘(*゚▽゚*)’

  4. Lala

    I wish I can just fly to Japan to see them live with the new members at the 29th (T__T)
    Really excited for them <3

  5. Varisa

    wow. That makes me….speechless haha. But I’m very very happy about this*w*

  6. misfit

    I’m excited for Moran! This is great news ^^

  7. Dal

    Had to do a double take there.. Whoa. Completely out of left field. Sizna and Ivy in the same band…brb dying.

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