Short Interview with Royz

Short Interview with Royz

Royz is a colorful indies band which has made quite an impact since its formation in 2009. Even though they’re still small in Japan, they’ve gained a steady following overseas – without ever having performed abroad. This time, I was able to meet with the band shortly before their April 18th performance in Aomori City to ask a few questions about the band, their latest single, and their thoughts on their overseas following.

Interview: Ku
Translation: Alicia
Photography: Ku & K
Not for republication.

First, can each member give us an introduction?

Subaru: Hi, I’m Subaru, on vocals.
Kuina: I’m Kuina, on guitar.
Kazuki: I’m Kazuki, on guitar.
Koudai: I’m Koudai, on bass.
Tomoya: I’m Tomoya, on drums.

Do you have a particular concept as a band, or theme to your music?

Subaru: Our concept would be “catchy,” I think. Young people, older people, boys or girls, we basically just want to make music which appeals to all different kinds of people.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Subaru: Umm… “catchy” again (laughs). Music that gets stuck in your head right away.

In March, you released your latest single, “NOAH”. What can you tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind it?

Subaru: For inspiration, well, the idea and concept behind NOAH were actually born during our one-man tour, “Evolution to New Age”. As we drove around the country during the tour and felt all the love from our fans, we created the music from the emotions we were feeling at that time, and they became a central part of my lyrics as well.

What is one good listening point for “NOAH”?

Koudai: All of it.
Subaru: Yep, all of it (laughs)
Koudai: Well, if you combine the versions there are 4 songs in total this time, and each of them has a sort of different color to it. Even for people that haven’t really liked our music up until now, I think that NOAH has a lot of variety and will be really easy to get into. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

If you could play a live anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

Kuina: London.
Koudai: Brazil.
Kuina: London! (laughs)
Subaru: Yeah, I wanna try playing in Europe.
Tomoya: Like maybe Germany.
Kazuki: I really don’t know anything about foreign countries (laughs). Umm… a cool place! Vatican City! (laugh!)

Can you say a few words to your overseas fans and the readers at

Subaru: Hmm.. there’s definitely  border there, isn’t there.. but!
Everyone: (laughs)
Subaru: But, we’re gonna do our best and try really hard to go over and perform in other countries as soon as we can! It might take us a little while to get there, but we hope you’ll be there waiting for us!
Koudai: I’m gonna study English before we go.
Kuina: Then let’s try and say something today.
Koudai: Let’s go and see them…
Kuina: (In English) “How are you?”
Koudai: (In English)“I’m fine, thank you. And you?”
Everyone: (laughs)

Thank you very much!



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  1. Keia

    awww… these guys are awesome!
    became one of my favourite bands within the past year!
    I really hope they’ll come oversea one day ^__^

  2. Selah

    These guys have definitely become one of my favorites in the last year, I hope when they come to America (someday!), it’ll be somewhere where I’ll actually have a shot at seeing them!

  3. maru

    Royz already is one of my favorite bands, and their songs sure are catchy ^^ Also saw them live this year and hopefully I can have a chance to see them later on too :D

  4. Lacika

    The songs is really catchy, i like Royz. i’m starting the listening in 2010. october, because the AREA release is my favourite songs. The new CD’s is perfect. Thanks the interview, this boys is friendly and funny. i’m hope come to Hungary!LOL

  5. DKjapanesefreak

    Okay let’s give the thing a listen, shall we!^

    After listening…

    Noah is slightly heavier than i thought it would be, but still way softer than i like them, will give it a few more listens though, it might grow on me ^^

  6. Atzin.

    First, thank you so much for the interview! * ^ * I’m excited! 8D
    In my opinion, NOAH is an one of their best singles~ They’re a good band!, really i love this guys a lot. When i read the answer of Koudai in the Question “If you could play a live anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?” I died xDDD. One day they should come to Latin America, it would be very awesome * – *

  7. Brenda

    Well, I think they have come so far despite his short career and his music is as they say “catchy”. I really would like to come to my country Royz to give a concert and motivate many people with his music!

  8. Ritsu

    Wow, that’s just awesome.
    I tought they’re getting more popularitiy in Japan now…
    Their musics are really catchy, and i’m really glad that Koudai said he want to come to Brazil. Hope to see them at live someday!

  9. neko*

    Short, sweet and completely adorable!! The last bit really cracked me up!! :3

  10. TiVo

    You guys are freaking awesome at shattered-tranquility to interview Royz! I’m so jealous!!

  11. Kori_ography

    I’ve only heard a couple of songs by them but it’s always their looks that catch me.

    Maybe I’ll have to dig a bit deeper and hunt down some more of their music.

  12. Amaranth

    The last part killed me,very basic school English,how adorable,I think they are a very promising band,and thanks for the interview

  13. Kazumi

    Those guys have adorable personalities. Makes me smile a lot. <3 :D

  14. Laura

    Yes, they should come to London! Thanks for the interview. :)

  15. Kim

    They sound quite adorable, especially in reply to that last question. XD Thanks!

  16. Sheila

    So happy to see Royz doing well.

    Kuina ♥

  17. ChouChou

    Royz is a great band and I am happy that they are doing well. I hope to see them someday. Their music is awesome and they are really funny ^^

  18. SortaCinderella

    Royz is awesome!! I really hope to see them soon :3 And thanks for the interview ~~ <3

  19. misfit

    Thank you for this interview! I hope Royz will continue to grow strong ^^

  20. Iris

    I love Royz <3 they're music is good and they're so funnyyyy
    the comment for the english made me smile :)
    i realllyyyy hope they'll chose a north american tour even though they want to go to Europe
    their conversation is soo cute
    i hope that they will grow enough so that they'll be able to tour to where I live <3
    so glad they're learning english :)
    makes it easier for language border … if you get what i mean

  21. Reirei Regret

    i would grant it to the guys when they’d find a sponsor which will braought them abroad. i think they’d be filling the venues – they really have the potential to do so.
    the should do a world tour – and when i say world tour i mean world tour XD (not like ancafe calling a europe tour a world tour…)

    plus, these guys really are interesting and humourously.

    thank you for the interview!

  22. Syreeta

    They seem so sweet~ I hope I will get to see them live one day!!

  23. Sakura

    Royz is my favourite band! *-* thanks for the translation! I’m really happy when I can understand what they talking about ^^ I love their music and their personality too. I hope they will come to Europe one day! This is my biggest dream now… <3

  24. kikuwawa

    Oh, i really should listen them more! They really did catch me now more than ever. :D

  25. ilovekame

    I have been listening to Royz since “eve:r” was released~ they are an AMAZING band and I wish them the best on expanding their music worldwide! I also hope they will visit Canada soon! The article shows them introducing themselves to people as well as them wanting to expand their music to variety of people ~ the last part is too funny :D

  26. Lozzie Ricketts

    I love this interview :3

  27. Just me

    ROYZ is my favorite band, so I can’t wait to see them live someday. And when Tomoya said he want to give a Live in Germany I was so happy! Hope his wish will come true and they will perform here in Germany, someday.
    I love their music and their lyrics so damn much, they helped me a lot ~ So I really wanna meet this guys and just say Thanks… ;3;

  28. Maddie

    Thank you so much for the interview and bringing up the subject about overseas fans! I really hope they’ll come to Europe soon, and I think they’ve gained so much popularity in Europe already, so they should definitly come to Germany or rather at Desucon in Norway(he he hi)….and I appriciate them writing in english on facebook, they’re one of the few bands who writes something in english at all!!!!(I seriously need to learn japanese, so I can read their blogs on ameba!!) ^-^ I also became fan after listning to eve:r <3 Kuina<333

    • Sakura

      they don’t write in English x3 and they aren’t on Facebook…

  29. the gazette fan

    love them !!!!!!!!

  30. May Lang Du

    Hi, My name is “may lang du” from

    I really like the translation of this interviews. And I would like to translate this one to Vietnamese, and sharing it on my forum and my Royz FC in this forum too, hope you agree ~ Thanks you very much….

    And have a nice day for you XD~

  31. daisy

    yup,i’ve agree that their songs are ‘catchy’ even for us Filipino’s..I want to hear more amazing songs from ROYZ.

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