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SIGNAL’s Comments on Disbandment
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 7:15am in Disbandments

SIGNAL's Comments on Disbandment

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As we mentioned earlier, members of SIGNAL each wrote their own comments about the upcoming disbandment. We have translated the comments, which you can read below. You can view the original comments on Ameba by following the links below.

Please note that Signal’s nickname for their fans is Signa.


I’m really sorry for betraying the Signa with this sudden announcement.

I accept that things with a shape eventually break, and living things must die.
The end happens sooner or later.
Though I understood it, it’s tough.
Though it’s something we decided together.
Even if I behave cheerfully so as not to fall, so as not to crash, I consider different things about not being with the other members.
To that extent, to me, Signal was a band that cannot be replaced.
So it’s really tough.
To put it frankly, here I am, still unable to believe it.
I’m selfish…
Even though it must be tough for you, too, I’m saying irresponsible things.

But I just want you to believe this.
We’ll disband but I’m keeping Signal from dying at the core.
I’ll stick the history and memories made with our beloved Signa and members in my heart and carry them my whole life.
After the breakup, I swear that whatever path I take, I’ll turn my experiences with Signal into fuel and it will live on in my pulse.
I hope that with any luck they will also stick in the hearts of all of the Signa.

There are a number of lives left, but I hope for more power than ever so please be with us until “the” very last moment.
And please let us leave “proof” of our existence.
Meguro Live Station, on September 14th, is the live house where we first stood on stage as Signal.
Let’s lower the curtain on Signal’s history together at this fated live house.

This is my last selfishness.




As announced just now, after the 9/14 performance Signal will disband.

I wanted to take you all to see even better sights, but I’m sorry that that didn’t happen.
We did it seriously selfishly, but I am truly full of apology for betraying and saddening the people supporting us with our last selfishness.

It’s something that we decided, but the fact is there are parts [of me] where my feelings aren’t sorted yet.
I love all the Signa who support the band, Signal, too. From here on it will never change that I have pride in that.
Precisely because of that my chest aches over this result.

From here on there is a limited time for our activities, but during that time, in order to live up to all the feelings of the people supporting us the best I can, I want to hold that pride and face you all until the last moment.

Even though there are a lot more things I want to say I can’t collect the words right now; I’m sorry.




I’m really sorry for the abrupt news.

It’s unavoidable that we’re pained, too.
Since Signal was my reason for being, it’s an important thing to me.
It was pretty much life itself.
Losing that is staggeringly tough so I only feel dread.

But it’s the decision that came from consideration by all the members.
I can’t do anything but face forward and walk on.

Until the final day.

The remaining lives will not in the least just fall apart.
I’ll make each and every one a precious live which I’ll pour my life into.




It was supposed to be a typical day without anything out of the ordinary,

But I’m really sorry for upsetting everyone since this morning with this announcement.

Signal will disband on September 14th

For all the many, many times I’ve betrayed you up until now, and finally… I feel so sorry.

We talked together many, many times, but it’s tough that the the resulting answer of “disbanding” came out of it.

Because I love Signal

There must even be a lot of Signa who have not yet healed from their wounds having Raychel’s departure just announced but… my heart hurts

In three more months Signal will end

After that you Signal will remain as nothing more than recordings and memories to us all

But, until the end of my lifespan, I want to leave as many of those memories and traces behind with you that I can

In order to leave as much of a mark as the band “Signal” inside of you all as possible,

Our last scene is at Meguro Live Station,

The memorable live house where two years ago, we did our first live as Signal,

As Signal’s SHION; as one bassist — until that last moment I want to clash with the Signa’s sounds and voices and fists at the lives and I want to be able to reflect back on that time

I don’t like the word “sincerity”, but I think it’s sincerity that we’ll show you during the time that’s left

I’m sorry I can’t put it all into writing well

translation by Ku

Source: Ameba


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