It seems that after 3 years of being on activity pause MONAURAL CURVE will have a concert on the 27th of August!

First of all, I don’t believe we have ever introduced the band here before, since they have been on a pause for a long time. However, the members are:

Vocal: hanon
Guitar: zull || ex. NOOKICKY → The Candy Spooky Theater → …。【サイレンス】 (Silence)
Bass: tock

It’s still not known whether it will be a permanent come-back or just a revival live though. Here is what they wrote in their official mailmag:

On 27th August 2010, after 3 years, it has been decided that MONAURAL CURVE will be doing a gig!
There are still a few days before the gig, but please do keep your schedule free on that day.
When more information on the gig has been decided, it will be updated on the Official Site, so make sure you don’t miss it!
Please look forward to the new world brought to you by MONAURAL CURVE!

Anyway, zull wrote in his blog about that fact too:

It’s been 3 years, but on Friday 27th August, MONAURAL CURVE will be able to do a gig.

There are probably more people who don’t know [about us], but as a
live band, we have been reorganizing our compositions and songs in the
hopes for people to listen to us.

This time, in connection with our various associates, in welcoming back our favourite rock guitarist, the 5 of us have reorganised ourselves [and come together]. There has been talk about having triple guitarists, but first off, it is the 5 of us.

Along with doing 2 other sessions, it would make us happy if you look forward to them.

We will give out more detailed information at a later date.

On 27th August, we will introduce to you a new, original sound [to our music]. Please look forward to it! …though, I’m the one who’s looking forward to it the most!

Source: Official mailmag, OHP, zull’s blog

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  1. Kiru

    Just listened to some of their samples on their OHP and I have to say I’d love to hear more from them =)

  2. Sachiko

    There are a lot of reviving bands this year xD

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