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D.I.D’s Member Comments on Akane and Hiatus
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 3:07pm in Hiatus, Injury / Illness, News, Translations

D.I.D's Member Comments on Akane and Hiatus



Like many fans, Shattered-Tranquility has been waiting for translations of D.I.D’s member comments, which came to fans through twitter, rather than comments on their ameblo pages.

Since most of D.I.D’s blogs have been non-functioning since December, Shattered-Tranquility has worked hard over the last several hours to properly order and translate the comments from D.I.D in regards to Akane’s illness and the hiatus.

Shattered-Tranquility’s Shannon has also translated the letter Akane wrote to his fans, given to D.I.D’s Sho. Sho, who has known Akane the longest (as a previous member of Para:Noir) has become the defacto leader and spokesperson for D.I.D during this troubling time. EDIT: This post has been updated with Issei’s comments.

You can read the translations below.


D.I.D fans, I’m sorry. I wasn’t able to help him. I’m such an egoist that I thought I could help say what he was thinking, too. It’s frustrating. But obviously he’s the one who’s most frustrated.

For betraying your expectations and for snatching away this precious thing- I want to give you my sincerest apologies.

There will probably be some slander that will explode following the suppositions, rumors, and [even] encouragement surrounding this. We don’t want to hear, but we have to listen.
But, you know, we don’t need to be hurt by what you say even one little bit.
So, I want you to lend an ear to the three of us. All of what I say are the words of an egoist, but that’s all I want.

The members feel the same way. We talked about this amongst ourselves over and over. We want to protect him until the end of D.I.D. That was his only wish.

Nevertheless, I don’t want anyone in the world to get into a quarrel. Listen to our voice, our music, and the words he sang, and keep those in your memory. Please.

First, I’ve been allowed to say what we want to say as the representative of the three of us. I think these words will help you settle your feelings every day, for a moment or for a lifetime. We can’t continue on as we normally do, but until the end of August, the three of us as your beloved D.I.D are going to come at you hard.

Also, I received a picture message from my Akane’s mother. I’ll leave it up later. It’s a message for everyone from him.

This is a note he wrote in the hospital. I want you to read it carefully. He’s changed. The words and world he wrote are totally different from a while ago. That’s thanks to all of you.

Letter: (Note: Translation staff has translated to reflect Akane’s formatting. You can see the original letter here)

Could I have been saved by love?
Could I have been killed by hate?

Let love break down the ego
Let hate build it back up
Where are you?
Are you here?
Despair is born from hope,
And hope from despair.
That is the eternal spiral of life.
I wanted to save you,
But I was saved
Who is the world waiting for?
Weren’t we the ones who made the world?
The answer was there all along,
But I didn’t notice it until the end.
When you notice,
You can be born again
No matter how many times you wait,
You can always be born again.

The courage (soul; heart) that denies the self courage
The will (conscious; mind) that builds the self*
These are the only two things
you need.
That’s all.

*Translator’s Note: I’m unsure of which word Akane intended to choose, so I left the formatting as is.


Since I’ve been in D.I.D, we’ve hit many walls, but we’ve overcome them. We don’t plan on running away this time; we plan on accepting it and overcoming it, too. Completing all we’ve gained [into our performance] is the only atonement we can give you.
I’m really sorry.
That’s all I can say.


Those of you who are grieving, who had been waiting for us and call us fools and are offended, those who are coming until the very end, and those who stood up in surprise when they heard the news: I’ve experienced this many times, even though I never wished for it.
So it’s become dried up.
I always speak my mind, but I’m sorry that’s the kind of feeling I have right now.

But, in order to change the situation at all, we need to keep moving forward.
If you’re not moving forward, you could die now or die later and it could be the same.
I could say it plainly or I could say it seriously, but everyone needs to move forward.
Those of us remaining are doing that.

Honestly, we’re not concerned with where things will go anymore. We’ve experienced a lot of things until now. With this, we’ll play our few remaining lives magnificently.

Looking at the tweets from my followers in other regions, I’m jealous that they’re able to go there.
I like going to places I don’t normally go to, so no matter what I’d still want to go there again.
But the only other place we can go to besides Tokyo before our hiatus is Osaka.
Just because we’re saying “indefinite hiatus” doesn’t mean we want you to wait for us forever.
I always say that waiting did you no good, so I can’t ask that of you.
We don’t know what’s coming next. Nobody knows.
So all of you need to keep moving forward too!

Shattered Tranquility is aware that fans may have questions in regards to this announcement, so please feel free to leave them in the comments.

D.I.D will continue with their last two lives. There will be no additional ‘farewell’ lives, but fans should continue to support D.I.D until the end.

If any further comments or information becomes available, you can expect Shattered-Tranquility to be ready with the story.

Source: Sho’s Twitter , Touma’s Twitter



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