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Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Kanon Wakeshima
Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 2:23am in Interviews, News

Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Kanon Wakeshima

Hey there guys! If you didn’t remember, Shattered-Tranquility staff members Juri and Ku were at Sakura-con, and we had the pleasure of attending Kanon Wakeshima’s Q&A Panel. If you’re not familiar with what Q&A Panel is, basically, anyone interested attends the panel and gets the opportunity to ask the guest a question. At 4PM people were seated into the room, and then at 4:20 PM she arrived into the room, ready for some questions! At the end of the Q&A panel, a 3-minute photo session from where attendees were sitting was allowed.

We would like to note that the following questions were asked by various attendees and members of the press.  Audio/video were not permitted, therefore, this is not an absolute transcription but was notated and compiled to the best of our abilities.

Notated by Ku and Juri
Photography by Juri and Ku of
Not for republication.

Kanon Wakeshima [In English]: Hello, I’m Kanon Wakeshima. Nice to meet you.

Where do you get inspiration for your hats and clothes?
Kanon: Which clothes?
Q: The little hats!
Kanon: Mana-sama thinks of the visual style for my albums.

Do you have sentiments with your cello? Which cellos do you use?
Kanon: The ones I use for recording is the cello I’ve used since middle school and it is a basic one. The one I use for concerts are the ones with colors—the red or white one.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
Kanon: I was influenced by my classical music teacher. They taught me how wonderful music was.

What influenced you to start a career with Mana? Was “Still Doll” your first major production?
Kanon: Mana went to an audition where I played the cello and sang at the same time, and he thought that was interesting. Due to the timing, he became my producer. “Still Doll” was the first single and was also a song for Vampire Knight, and the anime was popular so it helped my single get popular.

Were you excited to do the second ending for Vampire Knight?
Kanon: “Suna no Oshiro (Sandcastle)”  was the first ending. “Guilty” was used for the second ending. Mana produced “Guilty” but when I wrote the  lyrics I didn’t know it’d be for Vampire Knight but I was very happy.

Are you working on any new releases or do you have any future projects?
Kanon: I was planning to do a new live concert in Japan and I’ve prepared new songs as well. I haven’t discussed any new releases yet but all of the songs tomorrow were written by myself.

When did you start dressing in Lolita fashion?
Kanon: I’ve always like cute clothes since I was small, and my mother liked cute clothes as well, so my mother influenced me and that’s how it happened.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start playing the cello?
Kanon: Before I was born, it was decided for me by my parents that I was to play the cello. I’ve been playing since I was three; there were times when I wanted to quit so I can’t speak for someone who wants to play for themselves but I’m glad I play the cello and you’ll be glad too. My advice is to just keep playing though there will be times you want to quit.

Who is your favorite Vampire Knight character?
Kanon: I love Yuki!

What was your thought process or theme for your new songs?
Kanon: That’s a hard question! Last year, I played a show with the idea of three meals a day, with music as food. I incorporated my feelings of the day into my music. I treated the music as food and serving delicious music to everyone at lives became the concept I used.

Other than the cello, are there any other instruments you want to learn?
Kanon:  There are so many! When I was in middle school and high school I was in choir. I considered going into band to play a wind instrument but I ended up in choir. I’m interested in playing wind instruments like the trumpet or saxophone!

Out of the voice actors for Vampire Knight, who is your favorite?
Kanon: Miyano Mamoru-san, Zero’s voice actor.

What inspired you to audition and enter the music industry?
Kanon: I’ve been doing classical music since I was little, so it wasn’t so much decided as expected to go into music. I was also very interested in art and drawing so when the time came to choose to do something either art or music related , I made the decision to do music.

How do you like Seattle? And how are you enjoying Sakura-con so far?
Kanon: Yesterday I went by original Starbucks in Pike Place and saw the gold pig! I think Seattle is a very cute city; I like the signs in shapes of things like fish or glasses, and the neon signs! It’s striking.  Sakura-con is fun, the cosplay is of high quality and I walked around a took a lot of pictures!

What inspires your lyrics?
Kanon: On the albums there are many songs where Mana wrote the music. I listened to them on repeat to understand and enter the world of the song, and I try to put my feelings into it. Now I write my own and I try to put emotions and feelings into the music and lyrics.

What style of drawing do you like to do? Manga, or classical…?
Kanon: I like cute clothes so I started drawing cute clothes that I’d like to wear!

What is your favorite part of your career?
Kanon:  My  most favorite…? It’s the thought that people are listening to my music and acknowledge it and are aware of it. It makes me happy.

What else are you planning to do with your art?
Kanon: I have no plans or art projects at the moment but if there’s something you want me to do, please tell me!

Do you have any questions for us?
Kanon: I have a lot! One question I have is how do you make or where do you get your cosplay? There are a lot of cosplayers here and quality of the cosplay is high! Also, in Japan certain series are popular. But it seems different things in the US are popular so I wonder what is currently popular in the US.

What is your favorite song you’ve sung?
Kanon: I like them all I worked so hard and put so much effort into them that I can’t choose. I hope you listen to your favorite.




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