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REVIL Disbands
Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 6:27pm in Disbandments, News

REVIL Disbands


REVIL fans were heartbroken on May 29th, when REVIL took their last bow on the stage. There was very little time given to fans from the time of the announcement to their disbandment, so the notice came as a very big shock to fans.

Unfortunately, the disbandment seems to have sprouted from personal differences between members. While not much information is known, REVIL’s Maki admits that originally he was planning on leaving the band.

Despite this fact, fans were only given a short period of time to say goodbye, though it does not seem this will be the last band for many of the members.

Shattered Tranquility’s Shannon and Ku have translated REVIL’s official announcement and the comments from the five members. You can read their entirety below.

Notice of Disbandment

To everyone who has continued supporting us.

Though the announcement is sudden, we would like to notify everyone that REVIL will disband at the May 29th live at Shibuya REX.
The two years that have passed since March 2012 have been such a short time, but everyone who has supported us. All of the bands and all of the personnel. All of the live house and band staff. — Thank you.

Comments from the members follow.

REVIL Daichi

Making this kind of announcement is really unfortunate and upsetting for me.
But the members talked honestly over and over again and decided this, so while I do feel upset, I don’t regret it.

REVIL was my first band
And up until now I’ve done 73 lives with this group of five for a span of about 2 years.
All the fans I’ve met through the band, and the live house staff, and the friends I’ve made of bands at lives.
Thank you so much for always supporting us.
I think there must be a lot of things you’re all thinking because of this announcement but

First I want to thank everyone.
There are only two lives left
But I plan to perform them with all my might.
Once those are finished
I’ll collect my thoughts.
It’s not the end yet but I just can’t bring myself to write parting words.

Two remaining lives.
I’ll give everyone the best show with good feeling


I am sorry for the sudden announcement.
It has been a short but meaningful two years since REVIL’s first live; I’m really grateful for everyone I’ve met through the band and for everyone connected to us!
A band is really like a living thing, so there’s no telling what could happen at what time or when the end will come.
We were active as a group of five members, each with his own perceived ideals which we put together as one, but there was a conflict between reality and ideals involving the ideals held by the other four members and myself. We decided that I would walk a different path than the other four members, but even so I think I’ll be friends with them my whole life.
And though I feel sorry towards all of the fans who have supported REVIL, first and foremost I’m full of gratitude!
Thank you!
Since beginning this band, the thing that’s been etched into my heart is doing lives that makes everyone smile and say how much fun they had!
And, looking at everyone smiling, rocking out, and enjoying themselves from the stage, I’ve really had fun myself and haven’t been able to stop automatically smiling!
I think this is the treasure of my life!
At times I’ve felt sad and there might have been times when I was angry, too, but the five of us were active to make [the fans’] enjoyment number one. I’m really sorry that, beyond that, we’ve caused you a lot of trouble.
It was kind of a long time,
But once again, thank you to everyone who supported us for two years!
And, I’d be sincerely happy if you could continue supporting the other four guys’ activities from now on.

REVIL Mikage

I’m sorry for surprising you with this sudden announcement.
These past two years have felt long, but in reality, were very short.

I was happy for what we were able to accomplish and bitter about what we weren’t able to.

I was disappointed when we decided to disband.
REVIL was where I belonged. I was said about leaving the band members that shared my joys and sorrows.

I’m really sorry to everyone who has supported us until now.
For me, this disbandment isn’t anything negative like “the end” or “my resignation;” it’s something I need to do to take the next step. This is the end of REVIL’s Mikage, but I’ll be back. Wait for me.

There are only a few of our shows left, but we’ll play them with all we’ve got so we don’t leave behind any regrets!

Thank you so, so much for everything until now!


I’m sorry for such a sudden announcement.

REVIL is disbanding, but our music will live on.
I’ll be happy if you remember the fact that this band existed by listening to our music.

It’s difficult for me to explain why we’re breaking up, but it’s because we thought it was impossible to keep going on.

Anyways, we’ll give our last show all that we’ve got, so please support us.

REVIL Takuya

I’m really sorry for the sudden news.
REVIL has played a lot of lives these past two years.
We’ve talked about this a lot between the five of us, so there’s no regret over the decision.
I don’t think I’ll forget your smiles that I saw from the stage for the rest of my life.
I’ll keep continuing on as a bandman.
I only have a few shows left to play REVIL’s songs, but I’ll play them with all of my power.
Thank you to the fans I met through REVIL, those involved, and the bandmen who supported all of us.

Of course, it is very disappointing to hear that a talented band will no longer be with us, but fans can still listen to their final CD, “Overture” below. In addition, make sure to watch Shattered-Tranquility for any updates on the new projects the members will begin in the future.

Source: OHP


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