Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Moi dix Mois

Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Moi dix Mois

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By 12:45 p.m. on Friday, April 6th, the line for Moi dix Mois’s Q&A session had grown long enough that fans toward the back were being told they might not make it in. Convention staff darted around making sure everything was in order and at 1 p.m. the line shuffled in and filled the room. At 1:30, Moi dix Mois was introduced to the delight of the gathered crowd, and the session began abruptly after the band entered from the back of the room.

We would like to note that the following questions were asked by various attendees and members of the press. Many of the answers were given directly from the members in English. Photography/audio/video were not permitted, therefore, this is not an absolute transcription but was notated and compiled to the best of our abilities.

Notated by Ku & Juri
Photography courtesy & copyright Midi:Nette
Not for republication.

For Mana – Will you ever make a Matin Mana plush?
Mana via Interpreter: We would like to think very much about our plans for that.

You’ve recently celebrated your 10th Anniversary. Where do you see yourself, or artistically, where do you see yourself going in the next 10 years?
Mana via K: Mana-Sama says, we’re not quite sure yet, but we are releasing a new album in the summer.

What are your band influences?
Mana via K: Mana-sama says Malmsteen.

Any hope for a MALICE MIZER reunion?
Mana via K: In September there will be a live with Kozi and Yu~ki.

Any chance for international releases of back catalog releases?
Mana via K/Interpreter: For now, that is still to be decided.

Might you tour in America?
Mana via K/Interpreter: That’s to be decided.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever written?
Mana via K: The Seventh Veil, in D+Sect.

How long does your hair (and makeup) take for a live?
Hayato: One hour.
Seth: Two hours.
Mana via K: Two and a half hours.
K: Me too [two and a half hours].
Sugiya: Fifteen minutes!

What is the source of your inspiration?
Mana via K: In heart.

For Mana – What will be your next hair color?
Mana via K/Interpreter: You’ll have to look forward to it.

Did you know [Mana’s] blog is translated into English, and English speakers can read it?
Mana via K: He’s so glad.

How does the band feel about being in Seattle and seeing their fans?
Hayato: Thanks.
Seth: I’m happy.
Mana via Interpreter: I’m very happy to be able to eat seafood and seaweed in America.
K: I’m glad to see you.
Sugiya: Very happy

For K – Do you find that you enjoy screaming?
K: (screams) YEAH!! …it’s answer.

Have you seen any cool goth-loli costumes at the convention?
Mana via Interpreter: I’d like to take time after this panel to explore and find some.

Is the fashion you wear at concerts the same you wear every day?
Mana via Interpreter: These are costumes that we wear for live performances.

For Mana – Are you ever planning to reopen Mon+amor International?
Mana via Interpreter: We’ll look in to that.

Is the whole band interested in metal? What other bands do you like?
Seth: (hesitates, laughing) Beatles. BEATLES!
Mana via K: SLAYER!
K: Slipknot.
Sugiya: Queensryche.

For Sugiya – Whose idea was your makeup?
Sugiya: Mana-sama’s.

For Seth – What anime character would you cosplay?
Seth: Ryuk in Death Note.

For Mana – If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you bring with you?
Mana via K: Guitar, Jeune Fille.

For Seth – How do you feel about the overseas fan base?
Seth: I’m just happy.

What’s your favorite drink?
Hayato: Beer.
Seth: Me too.
Mana via K: Pepsi.
K: I like Red Bull.
Sugiya: Of course, beer!!

Describe the band mate next to you in one word.
Sugiya: (to K) Yuck.
K: (to Mana) My boss.
Mana: (to Seth, via Interpreter) Eye patch.
Seth: (to Hayato) Tomboy.
Hayato: (to Sugiya) Drunk.

For K – Visually, what’s your biggest inspiration?
K: I like Tim Burton.

For Mana – What originally inspired you to start in fashion?
Mana via Interpreter: At the time there was no gothic-lolita style so I wanted to make that happen.

For Seth – What’s it like to be in both Art Cube and Moi dix Mois at the same time?
Seth: I’m the vocalist for Moi dix Mois; I know nothing else.

For Hayato – If you had to choose any job beside musician, what would it be?
Hayato: Chef.

Do you have any beauty tips?
Hayato: Beer.
Seth: Eye patch.
Mana via K: (laughs) Just makeup.
K: I think, love.
Sugiya: Alcohol.


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39 Responses to Sakura-Con: Q&A Panel with Moi dix Mois

  1. PathoGrl

    Awwww, and to think I was so close yet so far away. Would’ve been cool to see! Love it though :) a Malice Mizer reunion would be great!

  2. Missy

    I know that Mana never speaks, but…it still amuses me to read everything “Mana via K/Interpreter” XD Seems like it was a really interesting/fun Q&A! :)

  3. Reirei Regret

    Beer, Pepsi, Red Bull xD it’s the top 3 drinks of jrockers i think ( next to CC Lemon of some… ).

    So funny to read all the ‘via’ things from Mana 8D

    anyway, didn’t know if it was only a joke or if seth really IS listening to the beatles.
    if it was a joke, it was a bad one. ;3; the beatles were impressive for the time they were active.
    i still love listening to them, not only because they wrote big history in music.

    • Kassandra

      It didn’t seem like a joke to me. I think that, considering the music that Seth has written himself, it is not too much of a surprise that he would listen to Beatles-type music. Art Cube doesn’t sound like The Beatles, but Art Cube doesn’t sound like much of anything… It is so varied that I am sure he has many diverse influences.

  4. Jessalyn

    Short, sweet, and to the point.
    Thank you for the transcription of the Q&A session!

  5. DKjapanesefreak

    I love that beer is a beauty tip… seriously, i’m far from beautiful and i’ve kept that tip at a daily base!!

  6. Kaz

    “Do you have any beauty tips?”
    Sugiya: Alcohol.

    I’ll try that next time I need to look extra beautiful! <3

  7. Kori_ography

    I’m sad I missed the Q&A. It sounds like it was a lot fun! The concert was amazing though!

  8. Monologue-de-Chi

    It is really awesome to able to read the discussion on your side!! Even it’s a bit sad to have missed such a chance, I wish I attended a panel discussion with Moi dix Mois…

    The answers are quite funny, Moi dix Mois seemed to be in a great mood!

  9. Shannon M.

    A Mana, Kozi, and Yu~ki reunion? That’s so awesome. D: I wonder what they’ll play…
    Also lol “Beatles…BEATLES!”

  10. P.Jelly

    I love how Sugiya described K as “Yuck” XD

  11. Charlotte

    Ooh, I wish I could have gone. All the good stuff happens far away from me :/

  12. Riha

    I really miss them!
    I wish that they come back to Germany soon. >.<

  13. GLAMpoop

    “Do you have any beauty tips?”
    Sugiya: Alcohol.

    .. I guess that after few beers, every gothic lolita looks beautiful in his eyes <'3

  14. Christy

    Thank you so much for posting this lovely Q&A session! I wanted so badly to go to Sakura-con but unfortunately I was unable to attend. Through this article, you made it possible for me to feel like I was actually there among the fans with my favorite band, Moi dix Mois. Some of the answers were so hilarious! I enjoyed reading them very much. Loved the article and the picture. Again, thank you so much! :)

  15. Mandi

    Wow, I’m surprised Sakura con was able to get them there! I was so surprised to hear they were going. This sounds like so much fun! Panels sound just like large versions of instore events in Japan….except with a ton more people XD Will anyone be doing something for A-kon when OZ and Ayabie perform?

  16. Lara

    It’s interesting, the musicians that play with Mana usually don’t have a simmilar tastethat.
    But they’re still able to play with maestry of feelings…

    XDD but that was funny…

    “Describe the band mate next to you in one word.
    Sugiya: (to K) Yuck.
    K: (to Mana) My boss.
    Mana: (to Seth, via Interpreter) Eye patch.
    Seth: (to Hayato) Tomboy.
    Hayato: (to Sugiya) Drunk.”

  17. Sette

    my reaction: laughed all the way…

    — well, i expected some of their answers XD
    but i didn’t expect that they are this naughty, even in a Q&A session

  18. Yuuka

    I hope they’ll come to Germany again, soon…
    Last time I missed the chance to see them… (>_<)

    Oh Seth you want to cosplay Ryuk from Death Note… Ok go ahead… I'd love to see that! o(^_^)o

  19. Sally

    The word ‘tomboy’ are for grlz,isn’t it?

    • Maddie

      Yeah, as I know,tomboy is for girls….so I guess that was a part of his joke x)

  20. Josh

    Seth’s answer was rather strange, I thought he was the vocalist for ART CUBE as well?

    • Ku

      He certainly is. He might have been trying to stay ‘in character’.

  21. Francisca

    Hahahaha… what they said to describe the person next to them. Hayato to Sugiya: Drunk xD Made me laugh!

    Hayato would be a chef? Like cooking? He may cook something for me… I’m hungry (it is dinnertime right now) xD

    I like these Q&A. So you can get the chance to get to know your favorite band. ^_^

  22. Yozora Misa

    I love it how Sugiya just says 15 minutes right after everyone says it takes them 1 to 2 hours to put on their make up. :)

  23. Kira

    Seth is also the vocalist of Art Cube. The reason why he replied this is because Seth (Moi Dix Mois) and Z (Art Cube) are supposed to be 2 different personalities so he didn`t want to ruin that image.

  24. Neo-Nebula

    Thanks so much for the picture and interview post! I actually wouldn’t have guessed that “The Seventh Veil” was Mana’s favorite song to have composed, so that was a cool thing to learn. And Hayato saying he would be a chef if not a musician makes the “Catch the Noodle” game from Daydream of Dixanadu really make sense now! XD

  25. misfit

    *cracking up* I was there and I remember all of this. Good times >w< <3 Thank you for the post! Not to be rude I do have one correction: I think it was K that said he'd cosplay as Ryuk. Other than that I believe the rest of it was spot on! :3

  26. Kiru

    Oh God they’re such a matter-of-fact band :D

  27. neko*

    This is so funny!! Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  28. Louisa

    I LOVE that Mana said he was inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen! He has long been one of my favourite symphonic metal guitarists. The guy is practically a god. To learn more about Yngwie Malmsteen click my name! You guys need to hear his music. I love both bands of course. Mana ROX!

  29. Lacika

    Very interesting interview, thank you this!

  30. Ashley

    It’s really interesting to me that many of the members didn’t use an English translator! Also that Mana wanted to eat seaweed in America? It’s not any different here, haha xD

  31. Micah

    Haha love the Slipknot/ SLAYER comment XD

    • neko*

      That’s one of my fave parts, too!! :3

    • Luca

      lol I wasn’t expecting Mana of all people to note Slayer, either. I started laughing my arse off reading that part xD I wouldn’t doubt he was joking, though, just to see how people would react. xD

  32. Lilian

    LOL they are amazing. one of the best bands ever. Interesting combo of Pepsi ,Redbull and Beer

  33. Maddie

    This was the best part of the Q&A: Describe the band mate next to you in one word.
    Sugiya: (to K) Yuck.
    K: (to Mana) My boss.
    Mana: (to Seth, via Interpreter) Eye patch.
    Seth: (to Hayato) Tomboy.
    Hayato: (to Sugiya) Drunk.

    Hahaha Sugiya’s answer made my day!I wish MDM would come back to Europe, I really want to see them live ’cause they’re so amazing, if not, I’ll go to Japan and see them!!!!

  34. Lai-Lai

    Mana was an hour away from me & I had no clue. Why gawd, why?! ;_;

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