HITT to leave Otokage

HITT to leave Otokage
Bass player HITT will be leaving Otokage to focus back on his solo career. He just released a full solo album in February 2009 and has been working solo on and off since 2004. His last live with Otokage will be on June 14th at Club GOODMAN.


If you haven’t heard of HITT’s solo stylings then take a look at one of his pvs below. He has a HP and solo blog as well.

Sources: HITT myspace

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4 Responses to HITT to leave Otokage

  1. vanity

    sounds good, not my style though

    the pv is funny xDD

  2. Kiri

    Haha, he added me on myspace and I had no idea who he was. XD I’m kind of sad that he’s leaving, but oh well. I quite like his sample song, so let’s see if Youtube wants to work today… *shakes fist*

  3. connie

    iono i thought that was kinda fun…
    perhaps another miyavi is emerging!! LOL! JK
    i liked it xD

  4. Mija

    connie – I thought the same. he is hyperish like miyavi XD

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