Great news for Lycaon fans!

Great news for Lycaon fans!
Thanks to Nathalie and Ayashi for the heads up on this!

On the 21st, Lycaon updated their site with four important announcements!

1. They will be releasing a new single on July 13th
2. They will be releasing an ‘erotic album’ on August 31st
3. The band will be sponsoring events in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka
4. Lycaon will have a country-wide oneman tour covering 19 places

So, starting with the new releases!

On July 13th, the band will release a new two track single that will cost 1000 yen called 『 Aventure -アバンチュール- 』:
1. SE
2. Aventure -アバンチュール-

The single will be released only through Like an Edison and FOOL’S MATE, each having their own edition. The Like an Edison edition will contain one of five photos of the members. The FOOL’S MATE edition will have a 12 page booklet plus a comment DVD.

The band will be working as store attendants for an hour at Like an Edison on July 13th in Tokyo and July 16th in Nagoya. They also have scheduled three instore events along with the release:
July 19th @ Like an Edison (Osaka)
July 30th @ Like an Edison (Nagoya)
August 14th @ Like an Edison (Tokyo / Shinjuku)

The second release is what they’re calling an ‘erotic album’. The title of the album is 『 嘘と女と『    』 』 (Uso to Onna to) and it’s coming out on August 31st with 8 tracks plus a DVD for 3000 yen.

The tracks listed thus far on their OHP include 『EROS』, 『Jesus』 and 『Aventure -アバンチュール』.

The DVD will contain two PVs:
2. Pierrot

The first 50 people who order the album through Shimizuya Records online shop will also receive a DVD that contains a quiz with 50 things about Satoshi plus one polaroid.

Another special version of the album will be available for sale at lives only and limited to 500 copies. The live house only version is also 3000 yen, but contains a total of 12 tracks including rerecordings of the following songs with the current line-up:
・ 『The[1st] degree genocide holic』
・ 『suckin’ on a lollipop』
・ 『Plag>into the>Soket』

The band will also be working at Like an Edison in Tokyo for an hour on August 31st.

The third piece of news was about their sponsored event tour, which is titled 『 The CAPTURE in the dark ID 』 and features four performances:
July 12th @ Takadanobaba AREA
July 13th @ Takadanobaba AREA
July 18th @ Shinsaibashi SOMA
July 20th @ Nagoya Bottom Line

Tickets go on sale starting June 4th and cost 3000 yen a piece. Furthermore, they will be giving out a free PV of their new single to the first 200 people.

Last but not least is the band’s country-wide oneman tour which kicks off at the end of August! The tour is called 『ゆきずりの女』 (Yukizuri no Onna) and features nineteen shows. The performances cost 2500 yen a piece and are all produced by different members.

August 31st @ Nagoya ell.SIZE ~ Lycaon Produce ~
September 3rd @ Fukui HALEBEE ~ Rito Produce ~
September 4th @ Gifu MUSIC JOURNAL ~ The President Produce ~
September 7th @ Tokyo Higashikouenji UFOCLUB ~ Lycaon Produce ~
September 8th @ Sendai BIRDLAND ~ Hiyuu Produce ~
September 11th @ Yamanashi KAZOOHALL ~ Satoshi Produce ~
September 18th @ Sapporo MESSE HALL ~ Yuuki Produce ~
September 20th @ Hakodate BAY CITY’S STREET ~ Rito Produce ~
September 23rd @ Aomori SUNSHINE ~ Hiyuu Produce ~
September 24th @ Morioka CLUBCHANGE ~ Satoshi Produce ~
September 26th @ Niigata Black Stage ~ Yuuki Produce ~
September 28th @ Osaka SHRINP ~ Lycaon Produce ~
September 29th @ Koba Mersey Beat ~ Rito Produce ~
October 2nd @ Yamaguchi Shunan rise ~ Hiyuu Produce ~
October 4th @ Fukuoka DrumSon ~ Satoshi Produce ~
October 5th @ Kagoshimja SR HALL ~ Yuuki Produce ~
October 8th @ Okinawa ROCK IN OKINAWA ~ Rito Produce ~
October 9th @ Okinawa ROCK IN OKINAWA ~ Lycaon Produce ~

Tour Final: November 26th @ Nagoya Bottom Line ~ Lycaon Produce ~

Except for the shows on August 31st, September 7th and September 28th, the band will be having a “Lycaon Photography Event” which will be limited to the first 30 fans to spend over 5000 yen on goods. Those fans will be able to take photos with two members of the band.

Looks like Lycaon will be busy over the summer and into the fall! But it’s definitely great news for all fans and something to look forward to.

Source: OHP


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  1. fs_chibi

    this is exciting! at first i didnt like the direction they were going in but i love it now =] although im not so sure about having eight already releases songs and two pvs for previously releases songs, but as long as there are new songs im ok with it ^~^
    and the new look is amazing!!!!! yuuki looks so sexy =D i want his hair

  2. kurukurushoujo

    Yuuki simply looks perfects with brown hair, I love it!

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