Gaara + two!

Gaara + two!

Back in the beginning of April we posted about how Gaara would be losing their drummer Ruina. Well, just the other day they updated their OHP with news of not one, but two new members! Sho on guitar and Kimi on drums and they say that now there will be a new birth for Gaara. 

So now Gaara is a five member band, and the members are:
Vocals – 鏡~kagami~
Guitar – 雅 (Masa)
Guitar – 翔 (Sho)
Bass – 夜紫 (Yoshi)
Drums – 貴魅 (Kimi)

If you’re interested in knowing more about the band, they did release one demo CD and in January of this year released their very first mini album entitled “琥珀色の真実” (Kohakuiro no Shijitsu).

It was a five track mini-album for 2000 yen that included the following songs:
1. 琥珀の中の君 (Kohaku no Naka no Kimi)
2. 無垢、故に。 (Muku, Yue ni)
4. 薄闇の向こうへ (Usuyami no Mukou e)
5. 雪の花 (Yuki no Hana)

On their OHP they have two song samples, one for Kohaku no Naka no Kimi and one for Yuki no Hana. Below is the one for Kohaku no Naka no Kimi and if that peaks your interest and you want to hear more, make sure you check out their OHP.

Source: OHP


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