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Q & A With ~KORO~
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 11:45pm in Interviews

Today we bring something special for our readers. It is a first at our site and hopefully not the last of its kind. The Staff at Shattered Tranquility had the opportunity to do a Q&A with 殺~KOЯO~. We hope that you will enjoy it, we certainly did.

殺~KOЯO~ is a multi-talented female solo artist on the visual scene. In 2005 her first mini album 『洗脳願望Ⅱ』 (Sennou GanbouⅡ) was released and all the songs and lyrics were created solely by 殺~KOЯO herself. In 2006 she worked as the support guitarist in 葉×隠~ハガクレ (Hagakure) and has traveled with them to both Europe and the United States. Earlier this year (and you may remember us posting about it before) 殺~KOЯO put out her second full album called 『現実逃飛行』 (Henjitsu Tohiko). 殺~KOЯO has taken a few moments out of her busy schedule to share some information about herself, her music and and her thoughts on the visual scene.

So without further adieu we hope that you enjoy the Q & A! We felt that it was especially interesting to hear from one of the few girls on the visual scene and we really enjoyed the opportunity to ask 殺~KOЯO some questions.

What was your chance to start music?
When I was child, I learned classical piano.

You sing, play not only guitar, drums and bass but piano and keyboard as well! Are there any instruments you’re interested in for musical composition or just to play in your free time?
Folk instruments and theremin.
But in the end, I’m always extremely into guitar.

The visual scene is made up of predominantly male artists and therefore there aren’t very many female artists, how do you feel about that?
I think that visual kei, being very sexy music, is like religion in that it has a great power to allow you to bury your heart in it. Isn’t there a big appeal to things that are visual and emotional? There’s a lot of female fans in the genre, so isn’t it inevitable that many of the artists are male???

Why out of all the genres of music did you decide to go into the visual scene?
There’s a strong show-like element to it, it unleashes this passion on you, and also because it allows you to express anger.

So far you’ve been able to work with many various artists, but if given the chance, are there any artists that you would like to work with?
There are so many artists that I’m interested in working with, but I can’t write them all.
If we work together, I want to work with a vocalist and band that have charisma which stirs up the audience.

What’s your ideal image for yourself as an artist?
If I were to give you an example, I’d like to be a multiplayer like Prince and Lenny Kravitz, a performer like Freddy Mercury, and a guitar and vocal hero like Max Cavalera and Alexi Laiho!!!! But I’m not them, I’m just me. My image is continuing to expand so I can’t really explain it very well, and there are so many things that I want to do that I don’t want to express them all in words. I can’t even grasp it all myself yet.

You have performed lives not just in Japan, but overseas as well! Is there any place that you want to do a live?
If there are people who feel that they want to listen to my music, anywhere is fine.

You appeared in the May issue of Cure in the BANDMAN SNAP section which shows the private fashion of the artists! What kind of fashion do you like?
In that photo I was wearing a jersey, but there probably aren’t many people who would readily appear in a magazine wearing that are there? (Laughs) So just like that, anything works if you have your own distinctive, personal fashion.

This is probably kind of a strange question, but if you were to compare yourself to an animal which animal do you think you resemble? Please explain why!
A wolf. Because there’s a lot of things that I do alone…. (Laughs)

Do you have any pets?
I don’t have any pets, but I love animals!!!!

What are you currently really into?
Singing jazz!

Please reveal to us one secret that you that you don’t tell.
I have a rose tattoo on my stomach.

Please send a message to your fans!
Please listen to my music. I especially want you to hear 「現実逃飛行」 (Henjitsu Tohiko) and 「洗脳願望Ⅱ」 (Sennou Ganbou Ⅱ)!!  Please listen carefully with headphones. I’ve made it so that you savor it the more you listen. And, only if you can, please come to a live and experience it with your whole body!! Together let’s unleash our daily emotions and release our energy! Thank you very much!

殺~KOЯO has her song 「鳥物語V」 available for listening on her official MySpace page, however, with her permission the staff at Shattered-Tranquility.net have chosen two different song samples for our readers to take a listen to! Both tracks are from her 『現実逃飛行』 (Henjitsu Tohiko) album which you can find links to purchasing below.


夢☆Dejavu (Yume☆Dejavu)


For more information on 殺~KOЯO check out her OHP, Sequence Records OHP, and her Myspace page.


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