Details on MoNoLith’s new single

Details on MoNoLith's new single
We told you about MoNoLith’s 3-months consecutive release.
Now the band has announced details on their 3rd single for the consecutive releases.

The single will be titled [Gravy Sauce] and it will be released on 25th May.

The tracklist is as follows:
2.Gravy Sauce
3.Gravy Sauce(Instrumental)
Gravy Sauce (MUSIC CLIP)

Check out the preview of the single below:

Also, you can preorder the single at CDJapan by clicking on the link below:
Gravy Sause [w/ DVD, Limited Release] @ 1575 yen

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3 Responses to Details on MoNoLith’s new single

  1. San


  2. Nathalie

    First time I hear something from Monolith.

    Is it just me… or does it feel like they are just unsure in which genre they wanted to aim and just mixed everything together?

    Song starts good and ends up being chaotic D:

  3. Rora-chan

    I like the song. They have an interesting sound, and a good look. Weird title though o.o

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