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Indefinite Pause for Wizard
Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 6:46am in Hiatus, Translations

Indefinite Pause for Wizard

Despite having released their latest single “Metabolic Syndrome” in December, Wizard have announced that they have officially paused activities.

The following messages were left on their member blogs and were translated by our own Elena.

Important Announcement

Thanks you so much to those who regularly support Wizard. At this time, Wizard are announcing their decision to go on indefinite hiatus. We are truly sorry to those fans and staff members who have supported us since we started back again as well as those who have supported us from when we first formed.
We plan to play a live show at Ikebukuro Black Hole on the 6th of May. Please see this blog for more details.
There isn’t much time left before our last live but each of the members will do their absolute best until the end to thank you for all your unwavering support.
– Wizard



Firstly, I’m sorry to surprise you all with such disappointing news.
I have been with Wizard since 2004 and a lot of time has passed since then. It’s a long time but it’s more than just that. A lot has happened in that space of time. We have been through a lot of hard times along the way but all the choices we made in Wizard and in our own lives were done willingly.
Whenever we can’t overcome a barrier, our hearts bring us through a diversion and we have done that until now. Whatever the way, I’m sure we can cross this barrier this time.
So as of the 6th of May each member will be going their separate ways. I hope you’ll support us in our separate activities.



I apologise, I’m still sorting through the many disappointing, sad feelings in my head.

One year is a short time but it was all happy, enjoyable memories. I’ve been proud to be Wizard’s guitarist for that year. It’s been a treasured life achievement.

I have been given the happiest days and I’m full of gratitude for that. Really, thank you so much.
I hope to meet everyone again someday.



I’m sorry for such a disappointing announcement. It’s sad, disappointing news but there are no hard feelings.
It hasn’t been long since we reformed. I feel so disappointed. But when each of us do meet again I know it will make me happy to play together again. Wizard have been together for over eight and a half years. We’ve had a lot of experiences together. There have been a lot of hard times but each time we have been rescued by the support of our fans, their encouraging words and smiling faces. I really have so many feelings of gratitude for that.
Thank you for everything until we meet again.



It hasn’t been that long since we got back together, but it’s been a really fun year. I have a lot of memories and all I can do is try to express my thanks. We have always had your support. So from all of us, thank you.
After the 6th of May we’ll each be setting off on new paths. I don’t know if we’ll see each other again. But every time I sit back and think about all the great times I’ve had with Wizard, I’ll remembers all the tears and smiles from our fans.
I definitely won’t forget.
Let’s not be disappointed at our last live show. Let’s have fun.



It’s Kimi.
First of all, I’m sorry for the disappointing announcement. One year ago, after taking a break from music I was brought in to play drums for Wizard. I had so much support from our fans. I earned a lot of experience. I have a lot of good memories.
Even though we have had our differences I love Wizard. I know the other members think the same too. So we will do our best when facing our new paths. I will do my best to meet everyone again.
I am really sorry we were only back for such a short time!
We will put all our strength into the 6th of May.


Source: OHP, Member blogs, vkdb
Translation: Elena


Indefinite Pause for Wizard Reviewed by on . Despite having released their latest single "Metabolic Syndrome" in December, Wizard have announced that they have officially paused activities. The following m Despite having released their latest single "Metabolic Syndrome" in December, Wizard have announced that they have officially paused activities. The following m Rating:
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