Four of the members of the Underneath and formerly TRANSTIC NERVE, who disbanded on May 3rd after more than ten years of activities together, have gone on to create a new band called 「defspiral」!

They do have an OHP setup, but only a splash page is available. However, the members of the band are:

Vocals - TAKA
Guitar - MASATO
Bass - RYO
Drums - MASAKI

They have all relocated their blogs, so keep up with them by checking them out at their new location (click their names to go there).

On May 26th they’ll be releasing a single called 「DIVE INTO THE MIRROR」 which is coming out in two types. The title track on the release will be used as the theme song for 「仮面ライダードラゴンナイト」 (Kamen Rider Dragon Night) which is broadcasted on morning and late-night TV in the Kantou and Kansai regions.

With the release, there is a DVD version which costs 1890 yen and and CD only version for 1260 yen.

On June 9th, a single which includes a song titled 「Double-Action Strike form」 will be released. RYO worked on the composition for the piece, and the song will be used as the theme song for the movie, 「EPISODE BLUE 派遣イマジンはNEW トラル」 (EPISODE BLUE Haken Imagine NEW Toraru) that is part of the 「仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー THE MOVIE 超電王トリロジー」 (Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider THE MOVIE Choudenou Triology) will be released. The movie will be out on June 5th.

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3 Responses to defspiral

  1. Jinx

    I’m glad that they are still making music together. But TAL! I wonder what’s going on with him. ;o;

  2. Ezra

    It’s like they never even broke up. Love these guys.

  3. CHOU

    i love them, no matter what. :3
    but, i’m wondering what kind of activity that tal is doing now. i hope he will start a new band or -if possible- joining defspiral and voila! they will be together once again. :3

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