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More Comments on Kazuki’s Departure from ROYZ
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 8:38am in Departures, Translations

More Comments on Kazuki's Departure from ROYZ

We’ve kept you updated over the past few weeks about Kazuki’s departure from ROYZ, including our translations of their official announcement and Kazuki’s comment on the matter. Our staff has been working hard to translate the remainder of the comments for you, and today, we can finally bring you Subaru’s, Kuina’s, Koudai’s and Tomoya’s comments, courtesy of our translators Ku and Shannon. 

First of all, I’m sorry for saddening all of you with this announcement, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you directly.
Just as announced, our rhythm guitarist Kazuki will graduate from Royz on June 11th.

I’ve heard about his mother’s illness a little bit over time.
But, I didn’t know about how serious it had become until Kazuki went home a few days before our April 29th one-man at Shinkiba Studio Coast. That’s what changed his mind.

Honestly…even as I write this post, it feels like my heart is going to burst.
I’m shaking so badly that I can hardly type.
I’m sure you all feel the same.
The reality of it still hasn’t hit me, or should I say, I still can’t wrap my mind around it.
I’m sure I’ll feel the full shock at the very last moment.
That’s how I am.

Writing an announcement like this is painful.
I can’t say it. It hurts too much.

It’s something I have to tell you all.
So I’ll write out my feelings.

I first met Kazuki when the four of us started five years ago.
After Kuina joined, we became five,
And so we all came together, hardly knowing each other, and started a band.
We didn’t even know how to make flyers.
Nevertheless, we started.

When our opening music played and we came on stage, there were times when there were more band members than audience members.
But we still had a blast and we felt like we could do anything.
We planted our roots in Osaka, but at the encouragement of our fans pushing our backs, we made our debut in Tokyo.
We restarted in a city where we didn’t even know right from left.
That was the first time we signed on with a management company.

There are too many memories to fit in here…

Good times, bad times, happy times, and bitter times –
We overcame it all with all of our strength and, this autumn, we plan to celebrate our 5th anniversary as Royz.

We didn’t think it had anything to do with us.
We were just hit by our own powerlessness.
In my eyes, I was the one who didn’t realize the obvious happiness in front of me.

Kazuki was the one with whom I talked about my dreams the most.
I talked to him about everything from what we would do at our first Tokyo Dome one-man to what kind of house I would build when we made it big…
We talked about all sorts of big dreams.
It didn’t matter how much he laughed at me.
Even these ridiculous dreams could become reality one day.
I honestly believed that.

Just like our lyrics often say, Royz focuses a lot on dreams.
We’ve come this far, realizing those dreams one by one, thanks to our fans and supporters.

Surely, Kazuki was the one who was the most hurt about making the decision to give up on this dream…the most regretful…


I’ve decided to continue on with Royz as 4 members.

Truthfully, I’ve been saying it since the beginning: “Royz will be destroyed even if one person leaves.”
But, this is the way things are now.
I didn’t say those irresponsible words.
For him, for our fans, for the other band members, for me, and for Royz’ songs –

We’ll continue on.

That’s the answer we’ve given.

I’m honestly full of worry. It’s scary. It’s too scary.
We’ll surely be downpoured with more unimaginable hardships from here on out.
I’m just throwing out more thoughtless suppositions.

But we’ll overcome every hardship.
We won’t give up.
That’s the power of Royz.

We’ll move forward on his behalf, playing his songs and dreams.
That’s our mission.

Since I’ve already cried a lot, I won’t cry anymore until that day.
I realized how much you all love Kazuki.

In the end, no matter how gloomy you are…
We’ll all send Kazuki off with our best smiles.

On June 11th, it’s really soon, but we’re having a graduation one-man live for Kazuki at Akasaka BLITZ.
I think a lot of people won’t be able to come because it’s so soon.
I’m sorry.

But, I’d like each and every one of you that can come to send Kazuki off.
I want you to burn the image of the 5-member Royz into your minds as much as possible.

To Kazuki – this is embarrassing, so I’m saying it here, haha.

No matter who you listen to,
You’d always tell me,
“Subaru has the best voice!”
Even though you’re graduating, I’m going to protect all that you’ve given me and Royz.
I promise.
So do your best!!

Alright! Let’s go.
Sorry I was so weak at the beginning.
What will I do with myself?
It was stupid of me to lead you on like that.
I’m okay now. Don’t worry.

There’s only one day, one show left as the five of us.
I’ll engrave it into my heart.

Royz, Subaru



I’m sorry for such a sudden announcement.

When I heard the situation from Kazuki, for some reason I froze.

After spending nearly every day of the last 5 years together and seeing the strength of his will,
Even though I knew what things were like at home, I thought that no matter what we said to him, he wouldn’t change his mind.

If it’s okay for me to speak selfishly, I want to say that no matter how large or small our losses are, we’ll keep trying our best,
But I can’t say something that careless to someone like Kazuki, who must have been torn up by his decision to choose family over band activities.

We’ve said before that a Royz without 5 members is no Royz at all,
But we’ve decided to continue on with the remaining 4 members.

When things came to this, I never thought that breaking up would have been a possibility.
There are a lot of things I don’t understand.

I don’t think Royz is the kind of band that can break up in a time like this in the slightest.
“Let’s become the best pair of guitarists ever!” Now that I have to give up on this dream, losing my right-hand man, I’m full of bitterness,
But I won’t give in. I don’t want to give in.

I think this is a test to us and to you all.
I want to overcome this and strengthen our connections to you all more and more.

We’re going to keep moving forward as Royz, so please continue to give us your support.

Royz, Kuina

We’ve decided that Kazuki will retire from the band at our Akasaka BLITZ live on June 11th.
I’m sure there will be a lot of rumors surrounding the issue,
So I’d like to tell you as much as I’m allowed.
First, I’d like to tell you about Kazuki’s home situation.
He first told us about his mother’s illness during last year’s Nippon Seinenkan tour.
He said he wanted to put Royz first.

But just before that, Kazuki saw for himself how bad his mother’s illness had become
And that’s when he first started to think about quitting the band for the sake of his family.
I think it’s obvious, but it wasn’t a decision made lightly.

I fought with Kazuki the most out of all the members. Sometimes I even decided to cut him out of my life.
It was always about our clashing ideas of how we should continue on with Royz and Royz’ future,
But he’s still an important person in my life and I know how much he loves the band.

I’m asking you to please understand Kazuki, who loves Royz to no end, and his decision to leave.

Next I’ll explain why none of the members or staff tried to stop him from leaving the band.
There were times when Subaru, Kuina, Tomoya, and our management staff cried, and times when we lost sleep because we were so angry,
But now, we’ve somehow started to move again.

But we couldn’t change Kazuki’s decision to leave.
I’m really disappointed that it has to end this way, but I want to respect his decision.

To all of you who have supported the 5 members of Royz,
The staff who granted our every wish at the cost of losing sleep,
And to Kazuki, who has taught me many important things for more than 6 years,

Thank you so much.


I’ll explain a bit of how we plan to continue on as four members without Kazuki.

When he made the decision, I suggested that we disband.
I wanted to hear what everyone thought. I said that if even one of us can’t continue on, we should end Royz.

Why did I suggest that?
Well, we had sworn that “Subaru, Kuina, Kazuki, Koudai, and Tomoya, the 5-member Royz” was the only way we could be Royz.
So I honestly that we were going to lose the band.

But Subaru was the first one to say that he wanted to keep going on.
Then Kuina and Tomoya, who started Royz from nothing, said that they couldn’t separate from the management we know now and the fans who have supported us until now and they want to protect them.

And so we’ve decided to walk on, just the four of us.
To everyone reading this blog,
Throw all of your feelings of sadness and regret.
I can take it all. After that, I want you to face the future smiling.

From tomorrow, I’ll continue on so that I can see your smiles again if even one day sooner.
We’ll keep moving on like this. This isn’t the end of Royz’ Koudai.
Please continue supporting us.

Royz, Koudai



Due to home-related circumstances, our rhythm guitarist Kazuki will leave the band.

I couldn’t believe it at first. What will happen to Royz now? I thought.

I’ve known Kazuki the longest out of all of the members. We had the same vision and musical outlook when we first started the band, and thinking we could make something of it, we took the first step together. Even now we still stimulate each other’s ideas a lot.

Honestly, I never thought one of the members would leave. I never thought about what I should do. But, after listening to everyone’s opinions, we’ve decided to continue on as four members.

We discussed the possibility of disbanding, but personally, this will be the last band I think I’ll chase my dreams with,
And even though I hate the idea of not having a Royz with 5 members,
We’ve done a lot as a band so far and I don’t want to break up with any regrets. We also worried about what would become of everyone who supported us if we broke up now, so we ultimately decided to keep playing with the four of us remaining.

Kazuki’s departure is obviously a sad thing, but Kazuki himself said, after a lot of thinking, “I want you to keep going on as four members.” For him and the fans, we’ll keep pushing on with more power than ever before and continue on with our activities.

The new order will probably cause a lot of confusion, but please continue to support Royz.

Royz, Tomoya

And finally, we have a comment from the Representative Director of B.P. Records.

I am extremely sorry for the sudden announcement that rhythm guitarist Kazuki will be leaving the band.

To put it simply, Kazuki had previously told me that his mother’s condition was worsening, and expressed his intention to leave the band in order to attend to her at home.

I confirmed Kazuki’s intentions a second time upon receiving them.
As is the world order, parents should always be a priority for their children.
Since it is something all of us will face one day,
He hopes that we can give him a good send-off to his new life.
I think that, between quitting the band and attending to his mother, he chose the option that he would regret he least.

I think he would have regretted either choice,
But he said that he would regret not taking care of his mother the most.

She has a degenerative disease,
So in one year, five years, ten years – everyone progresses at different rates, but he isn’t sure when,
But he would like to care for her while he can.

His family wanted him to quit the band and return home, and Kazuki informed me that his wishes were the same. I don’t feel that I have the authority to argue against his intentions, so I decided to respect his choice.

I can’t even confirm my own opinion on the matter; he’s been my friend and family for so long.
Even the staff who has taken care of Royz cannot fully comprehend the situation.

But, Kazuki’s decision is his own to make and not anyone else’s.
I believe this is a decision he has made himself, and I think he would regret it if anyone forced him into it.

I don’t think there’s a “right” solution to the problem.
Everyone was born in a different environment with different thought processes and values,
So forcing my opinions onto him didn’t seem right.

I’ve lived my own life so far by my own decisions.
The path you choose to take is the one you regret the least.

I also discussed this with the other 4 members.
They couldn’t fully grasp the situation, but they want to respect the path that Kazuki has chosen.

Though reluctant to do so, they would like to continue on as Royz even with only 4 members.
Kazuki also said he wanted them to continue on without him. That was everyone’s answer.

I don’t want to ask you to understand what you’ve read here,
But I want you to respect the decision that Kazuki made after much worrying and pain, even if it’s only a little.
Even the staff and members haven’t fully come to terms with the news yet.

Royz’ Kazuki will leave the band after June 11th.
We want to play to the fullest and give him a good send-off until then.

We are truly sorry for this sudden and disappointing news.
Nothing is set in stone yet, but Royz will be continuing band activities with just four members.

We hope we will be able to receive your continued support for both the members and Kazuki.

B’Forest Inc.
Omori Yusuke, Representative Director



As we’ve stated before, Kazuki’s last live will take place on June 11th at Akasaka BLITZ. The oneman “ROYZ” will cost ¥4500 (¥5000 day of) to attend, and fanclub members will have the opportunity to participate in a 2-shot cheki with Kazuki after the live. Again, you can read our prior translations of their official statement and Kazuki’s comments at the preceding links.

Source: OHP
Translation: Ku, Shannon


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