DVD single for Kalvary

DVD single for Kalvary
On May 19th, カル・ヴァリ (Kalvary) will be releasing a new PV single which is only available a few select stores!

The single is to preceede the release of 「JOIN」, their new mini-albumn which we’ve mentioned here.

The release will cost 1050 yen, and is a one track DVD single called 「君のための」 (Kimi no Tame no). It will be available at all of the Like an Edison branches, as well as Jishuban Club and Brand-x.

Also on May 19th, the band will be heading to Like an Edison in Tokyo for work as shop attendents for one hour! Those who have purchased the single will be able to get it signed by the members.

We also talked about the band’s oneman tour that’s happening in July, but along with the tour they have a few instore events scheduled as well:
June 12th @ Like an Edison (Nagoya)
June 19th @ Like an Edison (Tokyo)
July 3rd @ Like an Edison (Osaka)

Source: Brand-x, OHP


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3 Responses to DVD single for Kalvary

  1. kisei

    wtf is going on with orange haired bro’s body in that picture

    • lisei

      His outfit has a white trim that blends in with the white background. It’s not some weird photo manip to make his body look distorted.

  2. Hitsunyan

    HAHHAHA I didn’t notice xDDDD w

    anyway, I listened to their stuff on the ohp and it sounds really good c: I should look into them more.

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